Battlestar Galactica 3.1 & 3.2 — "Occupation" & "Precipice"

All of this has had spoilers before, and all of this will have spoilers again.

Season three premieres tonight, after a long, dark, and cold summer with barely a scrap of Galacticky goodness.

Most of us have been watching the webisodes the last few weeks, which help to fill in the gap between the seasons (if you read the end of season two’s finale as being essentially a preview of season three). Some of us also went and spoiled ourselves with the ten-minute premiere opener made available a few days ago.

And now… finally… it is upon us. It’s here.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I haven’t been this excited for a season premiere since… well, probably ever. Closest comparison would probably be Next Generation’s season four, waiting for part two of “Best of Both Worlds” to show us what happens after Riker says “Fire.” That was pretty good.

But this? I’ve been twitching for days. No, weeks, actually: because I’ve spent the summer evangelizing to friends, and running two separate marathon sessions with two groups of people, staggered somewhat based on how much of the show they’ve seen so far, getting them caught up so they can participate in season three in real time. Going back and revisiting the story up to this point, knowing what’s coming — knowing, for example, when Baltar gives Gina the nuke just how that’s going to pay off — and envying my friends for their opportunity to experience the story for the first time, has increased my anticipation immeasurably.

And finally, finally, here we are. I got a huge grin just filling in the subject line for the thread.

Two hour premiere tonight, episodes one and two of the third season. Starts at 9pm (moved up an hour; adjust your scheduling as necessary).

I’m not going to do a detailed recap here, the way I did for episode threads last season, because the end of season two is such a radical reboot that the effort would be pointless. The situation is enormously different, and we’re missing a lot of specifics about how we got from then to now. We all know, in broad terms, what has happened, and at this point, I think, that’s enough. If you’ve seen the webisodes, you know that Jammer is apparently a collaborator, and may be responsible for putting Tigh in the Cylon clink; you know that Duck will be joining the police force in an attempt to pass vital information to the resistance; and some other stuff. But I suspect that those details are secondary, and the “actual” show will tell us everything we need to know tonight.



Here we go.



That Is All.

Whoop! I didn’t know that. I haven’t seen the webisodes because I suck, should I watch them before or are they cheesy and not worth it?

Fucking A! The longer inter-season wait better be worth it. After it starts do we need to box spoilers since there’s no warning in the title?

About frakin’ time!

I’m ready.

They’re sort of middling, nowhere near as cool as an actual episode, but there’s some good stuff in them, especially toward the end.

Apparently the corporate masters at the network tried to nickel-and-dime the talent, writers and actors etc, arguing that the webisodes were promotional and not actual content and therefore the participants would be paid under a different part of the contract; the unions were unhappy and the talent walked away; and the webisodes were completed, sort of, by non-union apparatchiks at the network. The quality, as a result, suffered. Some of the webisodes have an obvious temp soundtrack, for example. Still, it’s half an hour of fresh Galactica material, and I’ll bet it works better in one block as opposed to the two-to-four minute dribs and drabs most of us watched them as while they were being released each week.

I intended to address that with the opening like of the OP. But just to formalize, here’s my standard statement.

If something has been aired in an episode, or if you’re simply speculating based on same, no need for a spoiler box. If something is from an unaired episode (not counting previews), for example as revealed in interviews, or if it’s speculation based on same, put it in a spoiler box. And provide a general label outside the box as to the nature of the spoiler (e.g. “about the future of Apollo and Dualla”) so each of us can decide whether it’s something we want to spoil for ourselves.

Just when I’m certain of your gender.

“Galacticky goodness?”

So is Starbuck stabbing Theoben or whatever the hell his name is in the jugular with a fork ‘Galacticky Goodness’?


[spoiler]I prit-near creamed myself when that happened, so yeah, I think it qualifies.

Now give me a kiss.[/spoiler]

I am WWR (Without Witty Reply) but should remember this time.

Where the hell is my fork?

Better late than never.
[Tigh]Galactiky Goodnes my ass.[/Tigh]

No steak for you!

No idea what it is, but it’s powerful as shit. They jump right into the action at the start and don’t miss a beat! I can’t imagine what Starbuck’s been through. The way she went right back to eating without even wiping the blood from her hand was eerie. That was probably the creepiest things I’ve seen on this show!

99 minutes to go! I can’t wait.

Ya’ll don’t suppose that

They hate each other’s guts so much that she kills him every chance she gets and he keeps coming back to rape/torture her again and again do you?

llen’s frakkin’ a Cylon, boy is Tigh gonna’ be *PISSED when she realizes it’s Lionel PreacherBot 2.0…

HELEN’S frakking a cylon, frakkin typos…

Starbuck chews with her mouth open.

So, help my wife and me out. We are a bit lost, since it’s been 6 months.

Who did Starbuck just kill and why was she living with him?

He’s a Toaster, Leoben, the first Sleeper toaster they encountered, and the first toaster Kara interrogated. somehow he got “under her skin” Hannibal Lecter-style…", he’s infatuated with her for some reason, i guess he wants Kara to fall in love with him or something

We don’t need to spoiler box after it’s been on the air, folks.

Like, I thought she’d been killing him over and over. Cool.

She tortured him on Galactica. Ms President had him spaced out the airlock, the thought being that he was too far away from the ressurection ship to come back.