Battlestar Galactica – any parallels to Vichy France?

Hi folks,

In all the hoo-hah over the occupation and trial, there here seem to be many allusions to current events. However, it occurred to me that there might be something going on that is beyond my insular knowledge of world history (or maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there—hence this OP).

Among Big B’s defenses is that by collaborating, he actually saved more lives than had everyone resisted. Situationally, there seem to be possible parallels between the Nazi overrun of Northern France/Vichy regime and the Cylon overrun of New Caprica/B’s governance. I’m not suggesting the situations are directly parallel, but am asking if there are sufficient commonalities as to be a source for the writers. My awareness and familiarity with the Vichy regime is admittedly limited (I know who Pétain was, but don’t know much about his and other’s trials), so beyond wondering if there are parallels, I can’t tell whether there are parallels. Any thoughts?

I generally read many of the BSG threads, but have not seen this come up. If it has, please post a link and accept my apologies for posting.



The parallel was obvious the moment we saw ranks of Centurions march down the New Caprica version of Champs Élysées at the end of season 2.

What about the current trial?