Battlestar Galactica: Have they ever explained that missing chunk of moon?

My girlfriend and I have been watching Battlestar Galactica, and we’re up to the beginning of season 4 now.

In the miniseries (IIRC), the camera zooms through a big chunk missing out of Caprica’s moon. We see it again at the end of Razor.

Simple question: Has this ever been explained, officially or fanwankilly?

Is it a reference to the “instant canyon” in Carol Marcus’s Genesis proposal?

I always figured that they had parked the Big G at a L4/L5 point, and that was random space junk with a divot missing out of it.

Mind you, a solar L4/L5–I got the feeling that Caprica was not near.

Granted, I may be wrong about it being Caprica’s moon.