Battlestar Galactica Help, no spoilers please

Well, as I said, the shark is on the horizon, but there’s plenty of maneuvering room, so I’m still curious as to whether the boat’s captain will be able to steer the craft away from the menacing creature and successfully make landfall at the port of Good TV.

Now that your head’s exploded, allow me to point out that it was the OP that pulled out the shark metaphor, and the rest of us were just going along with it to give them an idea of quality without ruining it for them. So lighten up a bit.

It’s released on 28th August here in the U.K.

You must watch them all immediately as soon as they arrive! That way you can get a little taste of how we all felt when you get to the end of that mid-season cliffhanger and realize you’ve got a bit of a wait before you can see the conclusion. Then, when the last half of the season comes out on DVD, you’ll have to watch all those quickly, too, so you can anxiously wait with the rest of us for the October premiere of season 3. :slight_smile:

However, I can’t think of a way to replicate our outrage, having known that the Stargates would be back in July, on seeing that odious word, “October” in the BSG ad!

I now present for you Mrs. Trion’s response to the midseason cliffhanger:

That bitch!!

Yes, I did use the phrase. I think its funny and apropos. Don’t see why such use is cause for such vitriol from Merijeek.

So far (for me, through the end of the first season) it’s been a fantastic show, among the best television I’ve ever seen. However, certain plot threads … could go wrong. Very wrong. I hope they don’t, and I appreciate hearing that they don’t, at least through the second season.

What exactlyl is an “AICN-type nerd”?

“AICN-type nerd” would be, I assume, a regular follower of “Ain’t It Cool News”, a show business gossip site.

The two upsides of an October start: First, it’s given me plenty of time to forcibly catch up many of my friends with the show thus far prior to its season three premiere, which a July start would have made difficult; and second, they’ll do all twenty episodes in a straight shot, without a midseason cliffhanger:[spoiler]“I’m getting my men.”

FRAK! :eek: FRAK FRAK FRAK![/spoiler]So the wait is difficult, but ultimately it’s kind of a wash for me.

Merijeek, personal insults are not allowed in this forum. Please tone it down.

Has it been confirmed that there’s going to be a straight twenty-episode run? No breaks?