Battlestar Galactica Help, no spoilers please

Ok, so I’m finally catching up with this show by watching it on DVD, and have seen the entire first season, which I found riveting.

If you’ve followed the show, you know how Season One ends: an intolerable cliff-hanger.

So, I’ve loved the show thus far, but I feel seriously that it could be on the verge of jumping the shark. I’d hate to keep investing in it if so … therefore …

Does BSG jump the shark in the second season? Please, I’m looking for a simple (albeit strongly expressed) yes or no; please no unboxed spoilers.


No. It just keeps getting better and better, darker and darker…

No. Though IMHO it does wander aimlessly for just awhile in the second half of the second season, all in all it remained pretty strong.

And given the season 2 finale, my expectation would be that you’ll be in the same boat come the end of the second season as you are in now at the end of the first. Riveted, but wondering if it isn’t about to jump the shark. Only time will tell ;).

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No. Season 2 isn’t quite as good, and some would argue that there’s a shark off on the horizon at the end, but there’s still plenty of room to avoid it.

It completely shatters any expectation you had if you’ve watched the original series. Which is good, because even by the end of season 2, it’s still far better than the original series.

Plus, season 2 has Dean Stockwell and Lucy Lawless.

No. I think Season 2 is even better than Season 1 - especially the six episode arc that starts the season. And that three parter in the middle of the season. And that mind-blowing finale. And maybe all the bits in-between too.

Some of us are just waiting for the second half of season two to come out on DVD.

Just waiting…

Season 2 has some slow parts, and some ‘fluff’ episodes like Scar. The first half, IIRC, was kinda aimless, and had some holes. Lee Adama, for example, has some woman he deeply cared about… who was never introduced before the episode she was in.

But, the second half of the second season, IMO, really pulled it out of the hat. The last few episodes, especially the bits with Dean Stockwell, were pure gold.

I’ve only seen the first half of the second season, so to me it can’t help but seem like there’s a big old shark at the end of it all. The shark is inevitable though, a show like this just can’t help it if it wants to keep some sort of a semblance of an arc going.

YMMV of course, but any SF/Fantasy series that tries to keep too much of a story arc going can never keep it up. No matter how much I may like it, there’s too much fluff and nonsense at the end. I could have done with a season less of DS9 and B5 and maybe three seasons less of the X-files, Lost is lost to me after only one.

If there’s a “shark on the horizon” (and all the other brilliant Happy Days commentary out there) how about those who are so concerned about that quit watching the damned show?

It seems any show about any post anywhere has some pinhead who has to show how hip and clever they are by saying, “Ooh, they’re filling up the tank and Fonzie is strapping on his skis! God damn I’m clever!”.

Fuck, that gets annoying.


At post no 3208, Joe started filling the tank…

I no longer watch Lost, I gave up on B5 and the X-files and barely stuck through DS9. What’s your point? “Jumping the shark” is just a saying, do you rip someone a new arsehole for saying its raining cats and dogs? Is that too hip for you? :dubious:

My only complaint of the second season is you see less of Number Six out of her clothes…

Yes, but the bathtub scene was…different.

Echoing what others have said, the answer is no, there is no vaulting of Selachimorpha in season two. In fact, by the end of the season, you’ll almost certainly be even more hooked than you are now.

However, I do agree to some extent with this:

The thing is, though, knowing how television drama works, I think it’s a necessary evil. See, the show flew under the radar for a while. The miniseries got very strong ratings, and when the series started, people continued to watch. But those strong ratings are in the context of the Sci-Fi channel’s usual viewership, which is a niche network, so the mainstream wasn’t really aware of the show.

Then the buzz really started: the weekly newsmagazines mentioned the series, various TV critics praised it, the blogs picked up on it, and more viewers tuned in. But the problem is, as a serial show with complicated ongoing storylines, it’s hard to join the show midstream. It’s a dilemma for the producers: how do you keep your longtime fans engaged while making the show accessible to new viewers?

The way they dealt with it on this show was to do a series of largely standalone episodes, structured more in the classic hour-of-television vein than Galactica had been doing up to that point. By this, I mean episodes that are self-contained: any new characters and conflicts introduced during the hour are dealt with entirely in that show, and then discarded. The “Black Market” episode is probably the best example of this; I won’t spoil it, because you aren’t there yet, but when you get there, consider that the bad guy, the flashback girlfriend, the new girlfriend, and everything else are introduced, examined, and resolved neatly within the confines of the single episode. That’s old-style television, and it feels really awkward in Galactica’s narrative universe, but it’s clearly part of an attempt by the producers to avoid alienating any of the hordes of new people who were checking out the show. For that stretch of five episodes or so, the series feels like it’s spinning its wheels, and to a great extent, that’s exactly what it’s doing, giving curious newbies a chance to catch up a bit. (“The Final Cut,” toward the end of the first half of season two, is a one-episode example of the same thing.)

So yeah, it’s a hiccup, but it’s a fairly minor one. By the time you get to “Downloaded,” the show is firmly back on its mind-blowing track.

Thanks, everybody. I’ve got the season 2.0 DVDs on order! :smiley:

Sorry, it’s one of those things that irritates me. Every AICN-type nerd uses it incessantly.

Kind of a Pet Peeve of mine…strangely enough, another phrase that irrititates the hell out of me.

Back off…I feel a feedback loop starting up.


Sing it, brother. I just finished watching 2.0 last week, and I’m anxious for 2.5 to come out!

So far, no suck.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Xena is on Galactica? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS?


You will all pay for keeping me in the dark about this.

BLONDE Xena on Galactica!





note to self: buy television.