Battlestar Galactica to end after season four

Season Four is the End

So…good news? Bad news? Expected news?

I tend to think it’s a good decision. With Lost announcing it’s definite time frame, I’m liking the idea of quality shows planning their own demise.

It worked for Babylon 5(more or less), so it should work for Battlestar.

Yep. Good call. No Star Trek Disease for this one, thank the gods.

Moore was already starting to stretch it a little thin. This way, everybody, including the writers, can focus on a known end date and a known conclusion, with enough time to get there without rushing. I *do * so hate the “Should I still bother watching?” phase of a good series.

I kind of figured, so no big surprise. It’s best they go out with quality.

So, Moore let the bashing commence.


About time. A series like BSG needs a finite lifetime. That is the major problem with series in the States. The desire to keep the cash-cow mooing for as long as possible, and to hell with the story. In this, and not much else, our British cousins have it right.

That only applies to series that have a continuing arc, does it not?
And I believe that you are mixing your metaphors. :slight_smile:

Not necessarily to the first part. How many times can Crazy Uncle Renny come by and cause yet another wacky misunderstanding at the Whoozit house?

As for the second, those are the best kind.


Sad as I am that the series will be ending, I’m very relieved that it’s been given a finite timeline. Ever since Season Two, it’s been apparent that the writers have a vague plan, but that it wasn’t fleshed out at all and they were largely making things up as they went along (granted, this was far more obvious in this past season). Now that they’ve got one season to wrap things up, I’m confident that they’ll be able to tie things together coherently. If the alternative is an indefinite run, I could very easily have seen myself abandoning the series once it got far enough out of whack.

I’m really sad to hear that BSG will end… I really hope the writers can kick it up from the 3rd season slump and end the show in a good note…

By the way, HBO’s Rome should have lasted way longer then 2 seasons, I loved that show.

I had more in mind how often Bonanza was about the Good Bad Guy or the Bad Good Guy disturbing the Whatever at the Ponderosa, or Virginia City, or an Old Friend. Infinite permutations of a few plots. Finding Earth, on the other hand, can only be interrupted by a finite number of Boxing Episodes.

I agree. The writers have an entire season to wrap things up. Most series get no advance warning. Others, like Stargate, end writing a series finale every season.

Really? I find it ridiculous how many times Our Hero (be he Immortal, Private Eye, Cop, Lawyer, Whatever) has to help out his friends who are being threatened by Someone (Mob, Loan Shark, Ex-Husband, Girl Scouts).

Wow. Another friend of Duncan McCleod is being threatened by an immortal who will use that friend to force him into combat? How novel!


Or not.

Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile:

I saw that today as well. I tend to think they are just trying to save face, as they aren’t ready to officially announce the end.

No telling. I recall how Moore stood up on his hind legs and lied about Starbuck. :slight_smile:

I pray to the Lords of Cobol that they end it with the 4th season. This means, of all things, no more shitty sideline episodes. Each and everyone should be dedicated to continuing the plot and ending the series.

Does anyone think that Babylon 5 lasted WAY longer than BSG? It just seems that way to me…

I wish more serials had the good sense to set a timeline for their stuff. Or a cap. Because man alive, after a while, they feel like they’ve been reheated for way too long.

Most good shows start to die after the fourth season. After the sixth, it’s seriously time to pull the plug… :wink:

About 25% longer. :wink: Dunno if that counts as “WAY”.

I think you’d need to count the actual number of episodes, not just the number of potential seasons. As I recall, B5 had five full seasons of 22(?) episodes each, or 110 total. BSG has had abreviated seasons of less than 22 episodes.

Someone with more time on their hands could figure that out for certain.

With the announcement of the 4th season being 22 episodes, that would bring the total episode count to 75 plus the initial mini-series, which could count as 3 or so episodes.

For the record, it looks like the producers have confirmed that the fourth season is going to be the last.