Bay Area Dopers, Re: WTC Disaster

Can you confirm: did the front page of the SF Examiner this morning consist of the word “BASTARDS!” in huge type over a picture of the burning WTC towers?

It did indeed.

And this is a “newspaper?” Why didn’t they just print “LOSERS!” over a picture of a guy making the “L” sign on his forehead?

That’s actually been the subject of debate for many years, Torgo.

You can see the front page here. Takes a few minutes to download.

I guess I was under the impression that the Examiner was a more subtle outfit, like the NY Times and not so much like the NY Post. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Up until a year or so ago it was a sister-paper with the Chronicle and was a legitimate newspaper. Since then it has been bought by a small-time guy whose only experience was producing a little neighborhood rag. (I may not have that right, I no longer live in the city proper and have only heard this second hand.) You’ll note their other hard-hitting journalism includes “Market Street is grosser than gross.” and “37 cents to mail a letter, really?”

I showed the link to my husband and he said “Well, at least they spelled it right.”

Seems fitting to me, after all, Websters says:
" an offensive or disagreeable person (s)"

This might be apocryphal, but heard that one day, shortly after it was put under new ownership, “Examiner” was misspelled in the paper’s masthead.

As stated before, the Examiner was previously a legitimate newspaper, but after the Hearst corporation bought the SF Chronicle it “sold” the Examiner to a local owner, in a very shady detail brokered by SF Mayor Willie Brown.

I don’t believe anyone in the Bay Area takes the Examiner seriously anymore, nor is it easily available outside the City anymore.

I believe it was the word “Wednesday” that was misspelled on their first issue’s masthead.