Bay Area Massge Therapists? Advice on Finding One In General?

Damnit, I need a massage! Do you have any recommendations for a massage therapist in the Bay Area (gender matters not)?

If not, what’s a good way to find a decent massage therapist? I live in fear of finding a “masseuse” instead. I do not want a “happy ending” special.

Try this search. It’s from the people who administer the national board exam. Should be legit practitioners.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Now, can you answer this bonus question? Because the wondering is keeping me up at night. :smiley:

Done! Sorry, I hadn’t seen the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if you want oriental massage but not a sex-place look in the metro classified, they list massage places in two sections one is for serious medicinal massage only (it’s easy to tell which section is which). I have used several local to the area with no problem about ending in a non-legit place. The legitimate places are also almost allways linked to chinese herbalists (either the massage practitioner is also a herbalist, or workd with a herbalist). Unfortunately my massage practitioner has recently retired, and I’ve stopped needing massage therapy, so I cannot recomend a specific therapist.