BBC America and the Beretta 1953

I’ve complained about this before.
The Friday night BBC America shows-The Avengers, The Saint, The Pretenders-the most frequent firearm is the Beretta 1953. I have a .32 in my sock drawer. They might be .380s on TV.
Tonight, each damn show had a 1953 Beretta. I’ll not even complain about the silencer on a revolver on The Pretenders.
What’s so damn sexy about the 1953? Italian cops used to carry it. No Lugers, no Walther PPKs, no Mausers?

Maybe they were the easiest guns to adapt for blanks?

I dunno. They’ve done some stupid things with them-or it, maybe they couldn’t afford more guns.
They had a silencer on a revolver; it won’t work.
Someone fired the Beretta once, and the slide locked open; the clip was empty.
Tony Curtis took the Beretta, unknown from a desk drawer tonight in The Presuaders (sorry, wrong name in the OP) and waited until he was ready to shoot the bad guy to pull the slide back and chamber a round; how did he know it was loaded?