BBC's Twenty Twelve - Why didn't I know about this?

I see I have much too learn. Of course with many British comedies, my biggest handicap is my unfamiliarity with minor celebrities, so when there’s a throwaway joke about someone I’ve never heard of I just have to mentally replace the name with an appropriately minor American celebrity and pretend I know why it was funny.

This is definitely an issue.

For example, in the first episode of Twenty Twelve, they announced that “Peter Andre has agreed to be our principle torch-bearer for London 2012,” and i had to explain to my American wife who Peter Andre is.

The only one whose name I could remember long enough to look up was Gok Wan. Apparently he’s some kind of reality show host.

I keep rewatching that link I posted. That part about the 100 meters track just kills me.

Maybe they figured that if they were going to do it once more, they might prefer to wait four years for Rio. I’m given to understand that the beach volleyball players will be overdressed there.

The poor, poor woman. She could’ve lived the rest the rest of her life without knowing that but no…you couldn’t resist telling her could you?

Incidentally. The word “Deliverance” seems quite obviously a deliberate choice. As in “deliver us from evil” and the recognition that the team are in the middle of a hellish nightmare to get the thing done.

Okay, I just found Spaced on Netflix and I am gobsmacked that that’s the same actor.

She’s been on Dr Who too. Congrats on finding Spaced which is possibly the funniest sitcom ever.

I just noticed that in the very first episode, Sally was making Ian a sandwich using what looked like Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise. So is that common in Britain now?

The BBC realised that the idea wasn’t copyrighted and dogged them. Pity, too - I watched a few episodes of Twenty Twelve and it really wasn’t very good.

This is the story, told by the originals in broad strokes. “Once Mr Morton finds out that repressed memory is not an Olympic event, perhaps he could return the DVDs”.

Ideas are never protected by copyright law.

There are some recent Olympic-themed videos here from John Clarke and Brian Dawe, who were on (and wrote) The Games:

Hellman’s has been a major brand of mayonnaise here for as long as I can remember. Unless you’re asking about the “Real” part? I thought that was just the new word for “regular”, now that they have so many Light and Extra Light variants and what have you.

No, I just was under the impression that mayonnaise in a jar, especially a brand like Hellman’s, was considered an American thing. As opposed to, say, butter or salad cream.