BBQ--- Why can't you get full off of it?

One of life’s mysteries. Sure, you’ve had two hamburgers and a piece of chicken, but there is always room for another hotdog or two. I can’t eat that much food normally, only the BBQ. Any “scientists” out there have a theory?


…this doesn’t factor in the potato salad/ raspberry parfait variables.

IMHO, you can get full of it. A couple dozen ribs, some pulled pork, and god knows how much cole slaw, and I’m ready for the couch. I’m just a yankee northerner, though, so maybe I’m doing something wrong.


You have my sincerest sympathies.

I dunno what kinda weak-assed BBQs you’ve been forced to attend, but let me tell you…
There is a better place.
After my BBQ’s we all lay on the ground with the top button of our pants undone, holding our distended bellies with a slight grin on our lips, as grease trickles down our face.

We start to move again in about 30 hours.

your name…
it draws me in…


It’s almost like it SHOULD be dirty, but it’s not.


I concur with the others – if you don’t finish a barbecue with a gut-busting stomach and a lightheaded pleasant reminder of how you got to that stuffed state, it wasn’t a good barbecue. :slight_smile:

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Tempted though I am to put this in the BBQ Pit, I think I’ll shuffle it off to IMHO.

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Well, probably the problem is that you aren’t eating barbecue, nor BBQ for that matter.

You’re eating grilled or charcoaled foods, which t’ain’t the same thing a-tall.

Barbecue results in the scenarios already mentioned. BBQ is a little different 'round here, being chopped, sauced beef on a bun, but you can sure get full eating it.

I’m surely sorry that you lead such a deprived life, kneekettle. It’s a sad, sad thing.


I don’t understand BBQ.

Like A-1 Saucesup[/sup] it is its own unique flavour that can not be attributed to anything useful.

I mean, what is it supposed to taste like? The answer? BBQ. (A very circular conversation to say the least!)

Ketchup (or Catsup) and vinegar and a few of the useless, wannabe spices (like thyme) and all it does is make a terrible mess that is not only hard to clean, but tastes bad as well.

Also, what’s with the bibs? Someone please explain the attraction that indulges a grown adult to where a bib like that of a small child?

I have lived in the southern and northern parts of The United States and have come to only one conclusion: IMHO a decent cook doesn’t need BBQ to muck up the taste and flavour of your dinner. People drop BBQ sauce on their food to hide the fact that the food was ill prepared. The irony here though, is that the food now just tastes worse.

Let me cook you a nicely marinated Salmon the next time you choose to BBQ and I guarantee that you will be converted! :slight_smile:


I bet you don’t bowl, either.

Another “What kind of lame imitation of BBQ are you eating” chiming in.

A real BBQ is like Thanksgiving Dinner. If you aren’t in a food coma afterwards, you didn’t do it right. Ribs, chicken, brisket, rolls, slaw, corn on the cob, good beans (jalapeno pintos… none of that pansy ass maple syrup or brown sugar sauced crap) and nothing resembling a hamburger or a hot dog. The tops is a whole pig if you have enough folks. Throw in some cobbler or peach pie afterwards, grab a mint julep and it’s time to watch a movie. (Although some folks prefer some NASCAR or WWF, I’m just not redneckie enough that I can voluntarily watch either).

And good BBQ is done so that the meat is the focus. The sauce and/or the rub enhances. To drown good meat in a thick sauce is just bad BBQ. Kinda like a marinade, but the only thing that ever gets put on my salmon prior to grilling is a few strips of bacon. But salmon is grilling, not BBQ. There’s grilling, the BBQ and the fish fry. The three cannot and should not be mixed together in any form. Grilling is cooking. BBQ’s and fish fries are events!

Even when I still ate meat I didn’t understand the appeal of barbeque. So, I never quite got filled up either. But that was mostly because I rarely wanted to eat more than was polite.

Ask me about barbeque six months ago and I would have been singing the same song as the majority of you folks; barbeque, then a nice KBMO(kick back, mellow out) session afterwards. But that was before I had seen the light: A&J Maui Ribs, sold only at the A&J Meat Market down the street from my house. Far superior to any barbeque I have ever tasted. I do not know the recipe that delights me so, or I would divulge it in an instant so you too could share in the wonder. It is closely guarded by the old man behind the counter and may be lost forever when his time comes.