BC Dopers - Building Regs


I have a pretty specialised question about the regulations in British Columbia regarding building a home. I am based in the UK.

If I were to purchase some acreage in BC, what zoning, environmental and/or planning permission regulations would I need to be aware of regarding building a home?

FYI If it makes any difference, my thoughts are to build off the grid, with a borehole for water and renewable energy.
Thanks for any help


The BC Provincial Government’s site is a good place to start for building code information. Try the Building Policy Branch. As far as zoning, there are regional variations and alot of factors that affect what structures you can build and what purposes the land can be used for. The best thing to do would be to contact the city/regional planning office for the area you are interested in. I have wood heat, a well, and a septic field (pretty common outside urban areas) so going off grid shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Good luck!