Be clean, pay higher taxes

News of the Weird reports:

I understand Oregon’s point of view. They figure that they need money to support the infrastructure. If people are using less gas, then they should pay more to make up for the fuel taxes they aren’t paying.

But people who buy electric or hybrid cars are in the vanguard of new technology. They make an extra effort to not pollute as much. They pay a premium for a cleaner car that probably does not perform as well as a gas-powered car. They’re trying to do a good thing, and Oregon is penalizing them for it.

It reminds me of when we had a seven-year dought in Califronia. People were urged to reduce water usage – and we did. Then the water companies said, “People are saving too much water. We have to raise prices to make up for it.”

Wouldn’t it be better if Oregon lowered the registration fee for electric cars and raised taxes on gasoline? That way people would be inclined to buy more electric vehicles. Poor people who can’t afford an electric or hybrid vehicle could get a tax refund so that they aren’t carrying too much of the burden.

What’s your humble opinion?

But see, that would make sense. Can’t do that!

What? I said something that actually made sense? Hm. Well, I guess my career in politics just flew out of the window.