Be nice to strangers - it will come back to you.

Tonight, I went to a Harry Potter Party. I actually had no intention of going. After driving over an hour each way for work, the last thing I wanted to do tonight was leave the house. But my friend (S) asked me to go so I did. I drove to Enfield CT to meet her (about half an hour). I got there at 9:00. About half an hour after I got there, we went outside to smoke. This tired haggard looking woman came over and put her bags down to smoke. She looked so wasted. I gave her a light so she wouldn’t have to look for her lighter. We ended up talking. Apparently this woman (M) had been up since 4:30 Friday morning. She had driven 45 minutes to get her niece and two nephews and then 45 minutes back. They had been at the store since about 7:00.

In their two hours at the store, she had spent oodles of money buying books for the kids. She told us that after she got their Potter books, she had to drive 45 minutes south to bring the kids home. After that, she was driving to Mystic (the other end of the state). Her sister was sad because she couldn’t get the book (she was camping). So M decided to surprise her sister by bringing the book to her around 3 in the morning. I was amazed that she had the energy to stand up, not to mention drive over an hour just to surprise her sister.

At 11:30 S and I left the store to buy butts. While in the gas station, I bought M a cup of coffee. When I gave it to her, she looked like she was going to cry. She told me I was the nicest person she ever met.

Now, this is how this party went: We had fun making wands, getting our faces painted, getting our picture taken, and hanging out with M and two of the kids. We also met a recent high school grad (A). M, A and S had yellow wrist bands because they had reserved their books. I had an orange one because I hadn’t. So, they got to go first.
When M went to get her books, they asked how many she wanted. She bought 4 even though she only needed 3. She got the other one for me :eek: . She even saved me money by using her membership card. So, I got the book for $16 and I only had to wait until 12:30 to get it. I probably would have been there until 1:30 or 2:00 if she hadn’t bought it for me. I was so shocked that she would do something like that for someone she had known for less than 4 hours.

After we all had our books (and posters), we all went to look at the anime books and then M,S,A, and I all exchanged phone numbers and e-mail. I’m so happy that I went. I made 4 new friends, I got to be nice and have someone be nice back to me. The kids were awesome. The girl (G) was so damn cute. I’d love to babysit her. I think I’d have a blast. I can definitely see myself being friends with these people for a long time.

It’s so corny but I have such good feelings right now. I even put off starting my book so I could post about it. :smiley:

Good stuff. :slight_smile:

Instant friendships happen so rarely it’s cool when they happen.

Dang it, now I feel even worse about the lady who asked for change for the phone yesterday (standing right by the phone, looking harried), and I, being used to being panhandled downtown all the time, brushed her off without even thinking. I could have given her 35 cents, and would have if I had thought about it. And once I realized what I had done, I didn’t want to go back to her and say something like “Sorry I thought you were a bum. Here’s 35 cents.”

You saw a payphone? I haven’t seen one of those in years. I probably would have given her to money just to see if it still worked.

We have lots of payphones here. As far as I know, they all work, too.