Bears and Honey

Do bears really like honey? Would they climb trees to dig into a beehive? Just wondering if the “Winnie the Pooh” image has distorted our image of the truth…just like the hub-bub over the lemmings. - Jinx

They do. They also love the bee pupae mixed in with the honey they ingest. When you think about it a beehive is an enormously rewarding treat ( in terms of energetics ), with its bounty of sugar and protein. Well worth the energy expended by critters like the Black Bear and the African Honey Badger ( to name another famous bee-raider ) to acquire it. Especially as it is a food source that is not heavily exploited, as you have to be strong enough and tough enough to dig them out in the face of determined defenders.

  • Tamerlane

Not to hijack this but what was the movie where the girl walked over to a beehive and grabbed a wad of honey out of it, while her sister watched in awe?

Joey -

That was “Fried Green Tomatoes”. - Jinx