Beastie Boys on Charlie Rose

Did anyone else see Charlie Rose interview the Beastie Boys. I kind of got the sense that Charlie got tired of dealing with them and cut the interview short. It seemed like Mike D and Adam Yauch were taking it seriously and giving interesting answers, but Adam Horowitz was being kind of jerk – giving very dismissive answers to Charlie’s questions. I thought he was acting like a 13 year old: “the jokes on you Charlie, I don’t really care about you or your show!” Well, fine, but then why go on the show at all?

I’m a huge fan of Charlie Rose show (and a pretty big fan of the Beastie Boys for whatever that’s worth) and one thing I really like about it is watching him interview performers (e.g. Will Farrell or Dave Chappelle) who “drop the schtick” when they are on the show and just talk honestly. When Will Farrell goes on Letterman or Leno, he sort of HAS to be be funny. When he goes on Charlie Rose, he can kind of just talk and be a normal person who happens to have this crazy job of being funny on camera.

It seems like Adrock didn’t understand that, which is too bad. He actually seemed surprised at the end when Charlie said, well, ok, thanks fellas, even though it was clear (to me anyway) that the interview could have gone for the full hour if it had been going better.

I haven’t seen this, but I was there for an “interview” with them at SXSW last year. In the spirit of Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That!, the interview was done entirely by the audience, with no moderator.

It really, really needed a moderator. After most of the questions the guys just looked at each other and Diamond made a joke, and then the other guys might utter something. Adrock just wasn’t into it, and MCA just sat there in a daze most of the time. I’ve seen them give great interviews, but this one needed someone to draw all three guys into it and follow up on the few questions that actually set off discussion.

I thought they did okay. I think the questions from Charlie (and the fans) were kind of boring; not every artist is going to have a long, philosophical answer to questions like “what do you think of the current state of hip-hop?”

They really came across as three guys who simply enjoy making music together, and can’t even begin to bring themselves to blow hard about it. In that respect, I actually found the interview endearing and pointless at the same time.

See for yourself, .

I would agree that Yauch and Diamond came off that way. Horovitz seemed, to me anyway, so flip about the whole thing that I thought he came off as just sort of a jerk. I think Yauch was pretty low key, and Diamond was being funny while still answering Rose’s questions.

Re the question about what is the current state of hip hop, the whole point (again to me anyway) of Charlie Rose’s show is that he is bringing together people from all kinds of domains, and introducing them to people who may not have heard of them. So a question like, what is the state of hip hop today is aimed at people in the audience who may (gasp!) never have even heard of the Beastie Boys. I mean, Yauch said in the interview that he watches Charlie Rose, so he should get it. I guess I find Horovitz’s persona annoying, and I’m sorry he couldn’t drop it just for 60 minutes.

I couldn’t get over how much of a politician MCA looked like! He looked like a dyed in the wool, conservative republican polititian! Actually, he looked a bit like Mr. Rogers.

I mean, I know them enough to know that they aren’t all thugged out, pants saggin’…but once you have fallen in love with them in the early 80s, and the style they rocked during that time, it kinda throws you for a loop.

I also think that the interview went pretty well. It did seem to me that Charlie Rose was a tad bit uncomfortable at first, but then he settled into the quality interviewing style that I knows and loves from him.