Beat down dog today, starting to feel like Michael Vick...

I’ve known Mike 20+ years and all his 3 dogs, but walking by twenty minutes ago the dog broke free, crossed the street and started biting my dog, ( is crazy*), so I (I am blessed with the left foot of a professional football kicker, and had on leather work shoes) kicked the dog upwards on his lower jaw, causing him to let out a horrible yelp.

 Mike witnessed this and I said, 

, and I walked the ten houses down to my house and went inside. BTW a neighbor witnessed this he was standing a few houses away…

 Thanks for letting me get this off my mind, I probably ruided the dogs sex drive for the year, (he has a female white lab same as the male lab).  Mighta gave him a bloody mouth too, 

…thought I saw blood spurt right away, in fact checked my shoe for it, .

:smack: Geez another copper drama, I allready get that at the job.

  • my dog kills animals, he finds them in the back yard, bites em, drags em by the door, and I wash the blood off his mouth and chest…

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aye Captain. Have a nice evening…

I don’t understand the OP.

…my dog (Jeb his name), was walking on a leash on a street I live on, a dog broke free and attacked Jeb on a public sidewalk.
I booted attacker in the mouth very hard, he was still walking though…

What are you looking for here? Applause? Sympathy? Vilification? What?

Equating self defense (in this case, defense of your own dog) with what Vick did isn’t an apt comparison. I hope both dogs and your foot come out OK.

I was in the park as it filled for the Cancer Cure Run, with my dog on a leash, an unleashed dog came over and began to torment him because he was on a lead! Thing was the attacker was a 3 legged dog! Can you believe it?

I let it go on for a little, then put an end to it by kicking at the dog and telling him to get lost. I never really had to make contact though. Because it would have sucked to kick a three legged dog.

But it shouldn’t have been off lead, it’s clearly posted as not that kind of park!

You know, my dog is small and wussy, and wee. He gets beat up by pretty well everyone including the cats and the 3 pound bunny.

If some strange dog lunged at us and bit him while he was on a leash, I’d kick at it too. And probably call it’s owner a douche bag, even if it was a little old granny.

Don’t be messin’ with my dog.

Ok, I’ll bite. What would kicking the dog in the mouth have to do with its sex drive?

You kick my dog, now I kicking your dog!

Bolding mine

The tripod dog gave you a reason why he was tormenting your dog!

…I think you are onto something here…:dubious: