beat this lawsuit

I know this has been thrashed around before but I did a search and I dont see anything recently, so here goes.

1st hand story (no urban legends) of ridiculous lawsuits that were won. my personal favorite is:
A guy is working at his desk,(his office is at the end of the street and at the bottom of the hill), he gazes out the window and sees a worker leave his garbage truck and the truck has started to roll down the hill right towards this guy. so he jumps up and tries to run out of the office and trips on the desk injuring his knee. In the meantime the driver has chased the truck down and stopped it before it did any damage. of course the guy won a judgement from the garbage company.

Beat that.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see that case as being particularly ridiculous. Possibly you’re more familiar with the details, but it appears the man’s life was endangered by the truck. I think it’s a flimsy case, but not ridiculous.

Here’s a place for some interesting lawsuits :

(from that site)

Woman who spilled McDonald’s coffee on her ankle is suing McDonald’s, the cup manufacturer, the cupholder manufacturer, and her own mother over it. (It’s the scope of the defendants that seems ridiculous here).

Woman who sued her company for allowing her to drive home drunk after an open-bar office party, even though someone offered to call her husband to pick her up, and she went drinking at another bar after the party.
Also, I recall hearing a news report (so maybe it’s not entirely to be trusted) about a man in Livermore (CA) who struck a telephone pole while he was driving drunk, and sued the city for allowing the telephone pole to be there.

In Orlando, Florida, an Irish woman was killed in a car driven by her drunken boyfriend. The woman’s relatives are suing the car rental company saying that the rental company “either knew or should have known about the unique cultural and ethnic customs existing in Ireland, which involve the regular consumption of alcohol at pubs as a major component to Irish social life.”

The lawyer representing the family planned to file an ammendment that retracted that line of argument and instead focused on the differences between driving in the U.S. and Ireland (including which side of the road to drive on).

IOW, the lawsuit is saying that the company should not have rented a car to her because she’s Irish*. Of course, had the company done just that, then they would have been hit with a different lawsuit!

Zev Steinhardt

yes I should have put a disclaimer. “the MCdonalds coffee one doesnt count”. that was Mount Everest.
But defending my case, the office worker just thought his life was going to be in danger because the truck was going to pick up speed and crash thru his building. when in fact the driver saw it rolling and just got back in and applied the brake. So it was a case of panic in anticipation of an event (out of control truck) as opposed to reaction to an event.

I have heard urban legends about a guy who had an affair and got divorced and then sued his employer for sending him on business trips which made him fool around. but that doesnt count cause I dont know if its true and if he won.

A child molester in my neighbor was reported and convicted. He then proceeded to file suit against the person who reported him for slaunder and libel, claiming they ruined his good name. It was okay when he was molesting children as long as nobody found out?

There was also a case when a man raped, sodomized and chopped the arms off of a 14 year old girl. She survived and testified against him, putting him away. He always claimed he didn’t do it (though they found her arms in his house), and filed suit against the child for “lying” about him.

Child molesters are very warped people.