Beatles British Albums box set CDs?

I looking for all the British original versions of The Beatles albums in a CD box set. I thought this would be obvious, but I’m not seeing it on Amazon. Except for some $800 Russian bootleg, which I wouldn’t touch with Putin’s, um, discarded t-shirt.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

You mean like this?

Looks like it. I wonder why that didn’t appear in my search? I knew it had to exist.

So, Thanks.

Now, does anyone have opinions on this set?

The other option to consider (remastered and released at the same time as the Stereo set linked to above) is the Mono box set:

Note it does not contain the (only-released-in-stereo-originally) albums Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road, or Let it Be.

I got it for Christmas the year it came out. It has everything that any Beatle fan could need, unless you’re a serious completionist. I ended up SwapaCD-ing all the other Beatle CDs I had once this was in my hands.