Beatles cover song - am I remembering wrong?

I’m not having any luck with my Google-fu today, I guess.

The recent thread on cover songs got me thinking. I distinctly remember a cover of the Beatles’ song Dear Prudence in the early to mid 70s - but I can’t remember the artist.

It used an unusual echo on the vocal, so it sounded something like:

Dear Prudence-dence-dence-dence
Won’t you come out to play
Dear Prudence-dence-dence-dence

Get the idea?

Any idea? Now that it’s on my mind, it’s driving me batty.

Siouxsee and the Banshees covered it, but I think that was later than you’re remembering. How sure are you of the date?

The only cover version on the Wikipedia article is by Siouxsie & the Banshees.


I remember playing it at Q-104 in Atascadero in 1979 - but it was on a huge reel of tape and I can’t remember the artist.

Perhaps it was an early DJ-style mix of it. (WAG)

In this thread Dr. Rieux mentions a cover of “Dear Prudence” by Katfish, released in 1975. Is that the one?

Could be Katfish - I guess I’m going to have to hear it to make sure.

List o’ Dear Prudence covers.

Great site, gary!

Makes me realize I’m going to have to hear it to figure this out. Thanks, everyone!

That’s the one I thought of – what an atrocity as I recall.

I can’t imagine this getting airplay in the US but Doug Parkinson In Focus , an Australian group did a great version in 1969. See details at

Well, it was the first version I ever heard, and I liked it.