Beaumarchais' Figaro trilogy

Two of Beaumarchais’ trilogy of plays form the basis of well-known operas: the *Barber of Seville * by Rossini and the *Marriage of Figaro * by Mozart. Has the third play in the trilogy (*La Mère Coupable * i.e. the Guilty Mother) ever been used as the basis of an opera?

Sure - L’Hare coupable, starring B. Bunny and E. Fudd, reprising their roles from Rabbit of Seville.


Très drôle, mon ami. I must make sure that I catch it next time there’s a production here in Sydney. :slight_smile:

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Opera (OUP, 1964, 1980) by Rosenthal and Warrack says (p328) that an opera of the third play was composed in 1966 by the French composer Darius Milhaud. They also note (p37) that Andre Gretry (1741-1813) “seriously considered” adapting it.

They’re surprisingly silent about L’Hare coupable and shamefully ignore the Rabbit of Seville.

Thank you bonzer. I must see if I can track down a recording of Milhaud’s work.