Beautiful, single women, please leave me alone....

I have a common email address. Basically my first initial and my last name. For years I’ve dealt with people (idiots) who seem to not know what their own email address is and use mine. These are all people who have the same first initial and last name as me. I’ve gotten bank statements, legal documents, login info for their e-commerce sites, videos of one of them getting arrested. All sorts of interesting stuff. It’s mostly amusing, sometimes a bit annoying but I just roll with it. Until now.

Apparently there’s someone distantly related to me using my email on hookup sites. Or porn sites, I don’t know. I and constantly getting hangout chats (Gmail) from these, beautiful, single women who ‘just want to chat’ with a ‘handsome man’ like me. Ok first, not a man, tyvm and secondly, stop! I’m getting anywhere from 3-10 a day and I can’t stop them. I tried going into my settings but it doesn’t give me the option to turn off chat from people who have my email address. I’ve played with the idea of screwing around with them but I honestly don’t want to do anything to encourage them.

So yeah, it’s a major annoyance and I wish I could find out who the guy was who did this (pretty sure it’s Matt in Texas) and strangle him.

Get a new email and abandon the old one. It’s a bit of a pain, but it sounds like it would be worth it.

They are probably not women anyway. They are catfishing with pictures they stole from somewhere else. Beautiful, single women on dating websites get all the action they need without pursuing random guys. Have you looked at his account on the dating website?

Yes, me too. And rich people - quit giving me money!!!

You’re lucky. I keep getting pleas from people who want money from the person who shares my first initial and last name. It’s bad enough to get the ones meant for me, without getting these extra requests for cash.

I used to get a few Gmail spam messages a day. I now get approximately 100 a day, every day. This is relatively new, and quite possibly started when I registered with Walmart to order something on-line a couple of months ago.

Gmail does a fantastic job of filtering them all out into the spam folder, but it is rather disconcerting nonetheless.

I can’t finger Walmart, but the timing is certainly coincidental.

I’d admit it, that’s probably damn hard to do through an online chat.

From my experience, Gmail does a TERRIBLE job of filtering spam.
I NEVER use my Gmail account for ANYTHING, and rarely even go there, but when I do open it up, it’s jam packed with spam.

Spammers make up email lists based on names. They take however many common first and last names and create email addresses with all the combinations. If your address is in an easily created form (e.g. asoft), you are guaranteed to be on the spam list. Your next email needs to be more complex to avoid being part of the autogenerated spam list (e.g. asoftluvssdmb).

Now that’s strange, because I pretty much never get spam messages in my inbox; Gmail is superb at filtering them.

Well I’m not changing my email address. I’ve had it since Gmail was invite only lol And I doubt they got my email through an autogenerated sort of thing as my name is not very common and an unusual spelling of it as well. I know this has to be from some site (I don’t know which) cause I’ve been getting the type of spam emails you’d get from signing up to porn sites…not that I’d know what those are…lol

But as for Gmail, I have had really good luck with their spam filtering and that’s never given me any problem. It’s all these damn ‘women’ lol Between my first post and now, I just received a pic of ‘sofia’ in Florida in some lingerie asking how I’m doing lol and one from Faustian (wth kind of name is that?) in a crop top showing off her abs, both women are amazingly 34 and single with no kids and looking to get to know me better. Their grasp on the English language is…dubious at best lol What a shocker.

I thought you said you had a common email address. Well in any case, if your spam filter is not doing it for you and you don’t want to receive email like this anymore, you only have one real option.

Burn down the Google corporate offices.

You are correct :smack: So what I meant by common just an initial and last name.Not something like uberonionluver28475 But yeah, I can see how that comes off as my email being something like jsmith or something lol I actually just did one of those ‘how many of me are there?’ and there’s about 1600 people in the US with my initial/name combination so I guess it’s more common than I thought!

Report message as spam might work too.

Poor poor pitiful me
Poor poor pitful me
These young girls won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me

This would have been answer, verbatim. Even on-site within the dating site itself, “hot” women never send the initial message. It is fundamentally a different universe for even mildly attractive women on dating sites than it is for everyone else. They are the “commodity” sought by every damn man on those sites, both those with realistic conceptions of their prospects and delusional “nice guys” with an extra-terrestrial sense of entitlement.

Well, if you want to get all lazy about it…

You say you have good luck with spam filtering yet you are drowning in spam. I don’t understand.
I got an email address so early it was my not that uncommon last name. My wife used it for her work for a long time, and she got lots of mail from people who typed john voyager instead of john_voyager. None from beautiful single women, though.
I get pretty much zero spam in my gmail account, btw.

Well these are hangout chat messages, that I get while I have my email open, not actual emails. Gmail separates my spam and I occasionally go to the folder and look at it out of curiosity. So that’s how I know that I’ve been getting ‘porn site’ spam. But I never see spam in my ‘main’ inbox.

FWIW I know none of these messages are from real women. And I know that if I played along, the request for money would come quickly. Honestly the temptation to waste their time is strong but since they have my email address I feel like that’s only inviting more trouble for myself.

I’ve been living at my current residence for ten years. But I still get letters addressed, by name, to the guy who lived here before I did.