Beauty Sleep vs Ugly Sleep

Well, it’s funny. I grew up on quiet, suburban-type streets, but now I live in New York and face a side-street so my preferences have changed. So here’s what I need:

One pillow: must squish down and not be too bouncy or poofy. No more than one pillow, unless I’m really sick and have to keep my torso up.
White noise: the new air cleaner’s perfect for this. Can no longer fall asleep in silence. Traffic noises are OK, as long as there’s no sustained honking and NO CAR ALARMS, I’ve always thought there oughtta be a law that you can’t be held liable for any damage you inflict in silencing a car alarm.
Must-be-wearing-socks-and-underwear. Must-must-must. T-shirt, too, unless I’ve got company. If the company suggests it’s weird to wear socks to bed, well, he won’t be company ever again.
Must be cool.
Must have air moving. Ceiling fan does this nicely.
Ambien in case of emergency.

I’m the opposite of a lot of you - I have a terrible time sleeping on a moving vehicle. My last overseas trip I did manage to doze a little, thanks to an Ambien. Otherwise I’m up for the duration. Nothing quite like the first time I arrived in Tokyo, after having been awake for 30 hours.
For my second trip to Japan, I flew business class and stillcouldn’t sleep, but I didn’t have my Rx in those days.