What are your sleeping quirks/habits?

I woke up at about 2:30 this morning and didn’t get back to sleep until 5’ish so I had LOTS of time to think about potential SD threads.

We are both light sleepers, so we found sleeping together on a double-bed impossible. (He snores, I toss & turn …). When we moved in together, we put our two double mattresses side-by-side to make BedzillaTM. We meet (usually on his bed) for cuddles, ticklefights, lovin’, etc. then go our separate ways for snoozing. It works great for us but others think it’s a little weird. We can’t wait for the day that we get a king-sized bed, but it isn’t a huge priority.

Also, I ‘nest’ in my pillows … I have one body pillow that lies across the top of the bed, then 2 pillows sort of layered on each side of me … so it’s like I have two cuddlers on either side … I LOVE it.

What are your weird (or not so weird) sleeping habits / quirks / must-haves?


we are on a king size but I don’t think it’s enough.

I have to have my own blanket. I will try to share his, but it doesn’t work.

I cannot have my side of the top sheet tucked. My feet must break free.

Now I need a body pillow to help me sleep on my side properly when Wolfie nurses and naps with us from 4:30 or so until wakeuppity time.

I have to read something to fall asleep. Trashy scifi/fantasy novels work the best. When I was single, I found a light bulb which turned itself off after an hour, which was great. Now that I’m married, my sweet hubby takes the book from my limp hand and turns out the light.

It’s so sweet.

It’s probably one of those foibles he’ll absolutely detest about me in 10 years.

I have to sleep with a fan on. That is not unusual as I have found, many people are fan people like me. When the power goes out, the fan shuts off, and I wake up and cannot fall back asleep. Travelling is hard, that is the only time I go without my fan.
I also like to have at least one cat on the bed with me.

MAny people need the white noise of a fan, or a white noise machine, or the forest etc…etc… to help them sleep. Actually, it helps stabilize the brain waves, making it easier to stay rested and asleep.

I am the same way.

As for my quirks. I wake up without fail at 5:59 every morning. 30 seconds later, the alarm goes off and my wife swats the snooze button…and we slumber for an additional 9 minutes, at which time, I usually go right back into a lucid/REM sleep which may only be 8 minutes but feels like another hour. :slight_smile:

Oh boy, here we go…

I sleep with just a sheet most of the time regardless of season. Occassionally I will consider a blanket, but only if it’s really really cold outside.

I sleep without pillows…

I prefer to fall asleep with music on - my digital cablebox comes with a dancechannel which is perfect falling-asleep-music for me. I can go to sleep without music but it just takes significantly longer (unless it’s 4am and I just got home from a night out)

and then there’s thing I do that has so far freaked most people who spent the night (SOs, friends and tricks) - I fall asleep on my back and twist my head from left to right till I fall asleep (and apparently keep doing it in my sleep as well). It puzzles people how I can do it (without getting a headache) and why - 2 questions I can’t even answer myself…

Oh yeah … I need a fan too … with winter coming I’ll probably invest in a white-noise machine, something portable that we can take when we travel. I am a BEAR when I don’t get a good sleep.

I love having the sheet tucked in at the end of the bed, but like Mynn he needs it out (our first fight, after a year together, was about that … ridiculous).

He needs to fall asleep with the t.v. on and likes to read before bed … I like total quiet and absolute darkness. But because I love him and he puts up with a ZILLION of my quirks, I have learned to fall asleep with his light on and with the t.v. on at a low volume.

I sleep with a stuffed bunny.

twicks, age 49

I sleep with an HK USP 40 attached to my wrist with a lanyard. Thinking of replacing it with a S&W 686 if I can get a lanyard loop attached to it.

I can’t sleep with the sheets tucked in. It feels like my toes are being squashed.

I sleep best in a cold room with lots of toasty blankets.

I cannot sleep without a sheet.

Woe betide anyone who wakes me, deliberately or not, before I want to wake.

I could probably sleep for 24 hours straight at any time if I chose to try.

White noise: There are small fans you can travel with that will do it. I do need circulation, so I have an overhead fan on. I open a window otherwise.

I’m used to, again, our air filter. Noisy, but works well as a white noise and dust-reducing object.

I sleep with some kind of light on: hall light, headboard light and/or nightlight. I much prefer to fall asleep with my husband beside me, even if he’s awake and reading. This replaces the radio I had to play all night to sleep before I met and married Drachillix, which I would still enjoy, but this is a matrimonial compromise and although he prefers his sleepspace pitchblack dark, he’s sleeping with me and I need some light but I don’t need the radio if he’s there.

I can’t fall asleep on my back. If I try, when I’m real close to falling asleep I’ll start to snore, and that’ll wake me up. So, I have to fall asleep on my side or on my front.

However, whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ve been sleeping on my back… and if I go right back to sleep, I can go to sleep that way. Apparently, it’s just the first time of the night that I can’t get to sleep on my back.

I must have a fan on. When it’s warm I have both a ceiling fan and a stand fan that oscillates running. When it’s cold, I turn off the ceiling fan but the stand fan remains on. I need the noise it makes plus the breeze (I keep it on low). The room also has to be really dark. Even with the fan I don’t like anything more than a sheet, except on really cold nights I will use a thin blanket. Lucky for me I got enough fur and flab to keep me warm. :smiley:

A fan or some other white noise.

I sleep with at least three pillows; four is better. One goes between my knees if I’m on either side, or under my knees if I’m on my back. One is under my head (usually the flattest one) and the other two constitute my nest, with one on either side of me to hug. If I only have three, the side pillow has to flop back and forth as I turn from side to side.

I snore. :eek:

I also need some sort of white noise to fall asleep, but I don’t like static-y white noise (the fan isn’t quite right), and my husband doesn’t like the noise of most sound machines.
I bought a small Sound Soother from Sharper Image that comes with headphones (it looks a little like an iPod), and I love it. I can pick a sound (steam train and thunderstorm are my favorites), set the timer, and off I go.

We both like the ceiling fan to be on, and like jsgoddess, I like it best if the room is cooler so I can burrow under the covers.

I’ve heard that I laugh while I sleep. Some of my dreams are really, really funny, and apparently I laugh maniacally sometimes even while unconscious. And I’m not talking a quiet little giggle. Evidently, it’s full-on belly laughter, sometimes cackling, that subsides into a giggle and a snore. At first, it really freaked my husband out, but now it just makes him laugh.

My SO is a snorer so sometimes I have to sleep in our spare bedroom. Otherwise I sleep with an ear plug in my right ear which means I have to sleep on my left side all night. We live in an apartment where people talk/yell loudly, slam doors, run up and down stairs, and drive by our windows with their car stereo’s at full volume at 3:30 am, so basically we don’t get as much sleep as we would like. I sleep with only my comforter and he sleeps with his own blakie and sheet. Hmmm… I guess that’s about it :wink:

Oh, and we also use a sleep machine set on the sound of rain :slight_smile:

I’m also one of the people who must have a fan running when sleeping. I cannot sleep in dead silence. If the power goes out in the middle of the night I am awakened by the cessation of the fan noise.

I have to have weight on my feet, so there’s usually a folded blanket at the foot of the bed. It’s also nice to have my cat Hobbes there with me. He’ll curl up and fall asleep next to my head, but by morning he will have moved to the end of the bed, if he hasn’t gotten up to paw at the blinds to wake me up first.