What are your sleeping quirks/habits?

Mr. S and I got in the habit of sleeping with white noise when we both worked third shift. Like my mother, I’m a light sleeper and sometimes have trouble falling asleep, and I can’t stand a ticking clock, so I’m completely dependent on white noise now unless I’m exhausted. We keep a small air filter in the bottom of Mr. S’s duffel bag that he always travels with.

My quirk is my sleeping position. I can never answer the question “What position do you sleep in?” if it’s multiple choice. I start out on my left side (facing Mr. S) with my left leg extended and my right bent up with the knee at 90 degrees (sometimes further). My body is turned about 3/4 into the bed. Arms curled up in front of me. I stay like that until I get snoozy, then I roll over and (mostly) reverse the arrangement: right leg out, left leg bent, right arm stretched out straight (because now there’s room), left arm bent up with hand near my head.

I like to cuddle and spoon when I sleep, so I made a double body pillow surrogate. I just made a 6 foot long pillow case and stuck two body pillows in there end-to-end. (Really, body pillows should be the full length of the body, IMO).

I flip over at least a half dozen times before settling in to sleep.

I also need to have weight on my upper half - my duvet is with me all year, and I snuggle it to my chest when I sleep. In summer, when it’s hot, I’ll have my whole body out and uncovered on the bed, except for the duvet all scrunched up near my head.

Me too! My dad gave it to me when I was 5. But, he (the bunny, not Dad) has been tucked away in a box for the last year :frowning: because I acquired a puppy who can not be in the same room with a stuffed animal without tearing it to shreds.
I can’t sleep without a comforter or something weighty on top of me (that sounds bad doesn’t it? :dubious: ) If I only have a sheet, I feel too exposed to sleep. And I keep the house cold enough that I can snuggle under my duvet without getting hot.

I can’t stand a top sheet. I just get twisted up in it. Same goes for clothes.

The blanket has to be tucked under my feet and chin. I need at least two pillows. I use them to prop up one side of my body. The other side has to be touching my husband. I use his shoulder as my head pillow.

On my nightstand I have to have a glass or bottle of water and eye drops. I get really dehydrated while sleeping. I also wake up at least three times a night now to pee. Quite annoying, especially since I sleep on the side by the wall so I have to climb over my husband.

My SO says that I am a snorer too.
So she sometimes takes the spare room too.

I don’t think she’s correct in her assertion though.

She once woke me up and said, “You’re snoring!”

I sat up and listened.

I said that I didn’t hear anything and that she must be dreaming.

Judging the smack upside my head, I don’t think she agreed.


My musts:

~ An open window (OK, I crack it open during the winter, but I digress)
~ Classical radio station set on “sleep” mode
~ A book
~ Top sheet and blanket, whatever the season
~ Optional: a little brown girl dog snoozing at my feet

I’ve always had trouble falling asleep, exhausted or not. Maybe it’s from working overnights all those years and/or my inherent anxiety, I don’t know. I always have to read before closing my eyes, though. And I hate white noise with a passion. Soft music’s much more comforting :wink:

SO, OTOH, falls asleep at the drop of a hat. He sprawls, sometimes leaving me a sliver of mattress where I have to curl up knees-to-chin lest I tumble onto the floor (we have a queen-sized bed, btw) He also snores. LOUDLY.

Maybe he won’t. I’ve been turning off the reading lamp for my wife for 41 years now. Beats trying to go to sleep with it on.

I sleep in a weird position. On my rightside, with my right arm fully extended underneath the pillow and my head while my left arm makes the letter “L” behind my back. Kinda like those old paintings of Napoleon and such.

I must be clutching something when I sleep, usually my stuffed dog I’ve slept with since I was seven. If not that, then I’ll wrap my free arm around my boyfriend’s head or bunch up my comforter and clutch that.

I like to fall asleep listening to my shortwave radio. I’ll channel-surf for about a half hour, and then when I really want to get to sleep, I’ll switch to BBC, from whence come the calm, measured British voices that put me out like a light. :slight_smile:

I fall asleep either on my back, or my stomach. Often I toss and turn a lot, sometimes I’ve moved around so much I wake up with my head at the bottom of my bed, and my blankets/sheets perfectly fine (Not bunched up or anything. Basically I go to sleep normally and I wake up with my feet on the pillows and my head under my blanket.)

I can sleep in the strangest ways/positions, much like a cat. For about 6 months I slept on a 4ft couch, or around there, with arms that were the same height as the back (lookd like half a box). I’m 6’1. I’ve also fallen asleep and woken up with my body twisted around and stuck in a corner against the railing with my blanket snuggled around me (it was really hot that summer, so my roommate and I slept out on the balcony. He woke up first and just stared at me until I woke up, then asked how the hell I could sleep in that position…)

I don’t really need background noise, sometimes I listen to music or play a thunderstorm CD, but most of the time I don’t need it. And I’m either a really light, or really heavy sleeper. Some nights I’m like the dead, a bomb won’t wake me. Others, a flea sneezing will make me jump out of bed.