Beauty: the ageless and the aged.

Two of the female “sex symbols” of the late 50s and early 60s were Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. Their age difference is only 8 days.

Fast-forward several decades. The women are now in their mid-70s. Here’s a recent photo of Loren, and (brace yourself) here’s one of Bardot.

Yikes! One of these two never “had a little work done”, did they? In all fairness, Sophia Loren was always much more show-biz and image-aware. She was always in the public eye and felt a need to keep up appearances as a famous ‘sex symbol’. Bridget Bardot - not so much, she grew bitter about men and fame, so she pretty much said F’ it to being a ‘sex symbol’ early on and pursued other interests close to her heart.

I’m sorry, but for a woman in her mid-seventies, Bardot doesn’t look too shabby!

Loren always denied having had any work done (at least the last time I heard, which admittedly was probably 10-12 years ago), and I’m relieved to see that she at least finally looks older than a woman in her thirties. I was beginning to wonder if there was a portrait somewhere…

The pictures aren’t really fair either. Loren is obviously dolled up to go to some awards show, while the picture of Bardot looks like it was taken during an interview at her house, and is an article making fun of her for being an unhinged bigot, where I’m guessing the author wasn’t looking for the most glamarous picture.

The only one of those four pictures that does anything for me is the young Loren, and that not much. The older Loren is wearing way too much makeup, and both pictures of Bardot make her look like she’s pissed off about something.

Whenever I see recent pictures of Bardot, I think “as on the inside, so on the outside.”

The main difference between the two is in the neck – which is out of focus and covered with a choker in Loren’s picture.

I really don’t see a huge difference between the two – they both look like women in their 70s, which they are.

Sophia Loren is wearing a wig and a boatload of makeup. I’ve always been amazed at her smooth neck, but she’s either been blessed with great skin, or had help there. She’s worn a choker necklace in every appearance I’ve seen her in for a long time now, and I’ve always wondered why, since nothing seems amiss above or below it. Bridgette Bardot hasn’t felt compelled to pretend her hair isn’t gray, and has more weight on her. I’d be happy looking like either one in my 70s, but I’d wear a high collar if my neck were that distended.