Because I was so brave and uncomplaining...

Because I was so brave and uncomplaining and did my colonoscopy prep exactly like I was supposed to and actually went to my appointment today to have it done, I have rewarded my self by ordering a Blue Sunburst Gretsch Jim Dandy parlor guitar.

It’s totally frivolous and I didn’t really need another guitar. But it’s arriving Saturday. :):slight_smile: Is that cool looking or what? A colonoscopy was a small price to pay…

Good for you! Play it in good health.

Very nice indeed! :slight_smile:

Hope the results were A-OK!

Wait, that’s blue?

Ha - I don’t know why all the vendors call it blue. I think it’s technically Sea-Foam Green.

nearwildheaven- I’m reasonablly sure it was just a small crop of polyps. Doc called three of them “diminutive.” I guess that means they were as cute as little buttons.

If it helps you get over your (literal, in this case) butthurt, have at it! :smiley:

No kidding. I feel like I’ve been doing unmentionable acts with jalapenos. Ouch!

It’s a pretty one. I hope it sounds sweet!

Seriously? I thought colonoscopy prep was about the easiest and least uncomfortable diarrhea I’ve ever had (I know, quite a statement). I didn’t have much irritation or anything like that. The worst part was after drinking the first round of prep and not knowing when it would start working. All in all, I’ve been through much worse medical trauma than the prep or the colonoscopy.

The big problem for me was that my arrival time for my appointment was 06:00 so I had to take the second round of prep medication at 02:00. It did give me a lot of time to watch It’s Always Sunny… on my phone while sitting in the bathroom during the wee hours.

Congratulations on the guitar and hopefully the polyps were benign.

Then you are a lucky dog, and I envy you. Even a half a jar of vaseline could not protect me. And three rolls of Charmin. It will be awhile, I think, before my nether region forgives me. Perhaps some folks have a more acidic digestive system than others. I had even given up fiber several days before.

But - before I hijack my own thread with whining - I eagerly await the arrival my new green Blue Sunburst Guitar! It even gets very nice reviews for playability despite its cheapness. And it is so damned cute! It reminds me of my first El Cheapo Guitar from the sixties, only green. The top of that damned thing was so bowed that after a few years it looked like a ski slope. But my fingertips were invincible. HA

Here’s hoping you play your ass off!