Because there can't be too many threads about Michael Murphey's Wildfire.

We have discussed the killing frost that not only killed the tomatoes but a horse and a girl too (if only they had worn sweaters) but it came up on my player-- hey, I’ve got a bunch of 70s and 80s pop and I’m not ashamed-- and as I warbled piteously (the only way to sing this song) I noticed something.

Were they from Nebraska (where there was a blizzard) or South Boston (which they both will leave behind)? And is there a specific owl called Hoot?

I believe they were corn huskers who tired of sodbustin’.

BTW… don’t eat the yellow mountain.

I usually scramble to switch stations when that song comes on, so I had to google the lyrics.

If the hoot-owl was howling, I’d be alot more freaked out by that, than some ghost girl on a horse.

If the blizzard killed them, then why not mention the ‘killin’ blizzard’, rather than the ‘killin’ frost’? And how could he see the frost if there was a blizzard?

South Boston?


That song is messed up. Who died first, the girl or the horse? I can’t even know for sure who’s the he and who’s the she in the lyrics and which person is singing the song. I always thought the girl was singing about her horse, but now that I look at the lyrics I see it’s a third person. And now I hear about a ghost horse! I never.
Messed up.

Word. I don’t mean to warble piteously, but I can’t find a key I can handle it in. Michael Martin Murphey must be like one of the greatest singers ever. :slight_smile:

I think the girl died first, then the horse broke a barn and shezombie went running after it into a blizzard. Now shezombie’s caught the horse and is coming for planterman so she can cleanse his brain. You can tell it’s her because next to her is some freaky little dust devil.

I hate the radio version. The extended version, with all the lyrics, is much better. If you’re unfamiliar with the correct ending to the story, here’s what happens:

The girl catches a glimpse of the horse, who happens to be heading towards town. She follows after him after him and arrives just in time to see him duck into a crowded movie theatre. She runs inside and calls his name, causing a general panic and a stampede which crushes and kills her. Not long afterward the horse emerges from the men’s room, sees the result of the tumult, and comes outside. Under the marquee, he sees the body of the trampled girl. A single tear rolls down his cheek. Just then a tan Dodge Dart drives by and the driver throws a paper bag full of trash at Wildfire’s feet.

Clearly they needed to come to their senses, as they had been out riding fences too long.

But more importantly, who would win in a race: Wildfire or the Horse With No Name? And what would the track announcer sound like calling it?

I’m sure they’d duel most of the way, but right at the end Beetlebomb would come from behind and win by a nose.

Wildfire would have to win.

If The Horse With No Name won, that would be Beating a Dead Horse, and no one here wants that.

And what if A Man Called Horse got involved somehow?

The mind boggles. Or whinnies. I haven’t decided which.

Hoot owl.

She came from Yellow Mountain on a horse. I never knew why she left or how she got the horse in the first place. She said something about running from a man who goes by the name of the Sandman and I figured maybe it’s best not to ask, if you catch my meaning. The important thing was that she was finished with her life in the fast lane and ready to take a chance again as a farm wife on the Nebraska prarie. I told her that as long as I can have her here with me, Id much rather be forever in blue jeans. Those were the days, my friend; we thought they’d never end.

Truth is she seemed more than a little confused most of the time. Sometimes she’d sit around countin’ flowers on the wall, or stay up all night playing solitaire til dawn with a deck of 51, and when I’d call her she’d say “I’m not Lisa, my name is Julie”. I think it was more than she planned for, being a daydream believer and a homecoming queen.

But there was a lot of work to do, and I never promised her a rose garden. After a while I could tell she was hungry for laughter and I reckon she’s gone off after whatever the other life brings.

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I don’t have time to stand around yackin’, what with four hungry children and a crop in the field.

Hoot Owl call

I think you would have to add the Chestnut Mare into this mix.

(Or, from another song entirely, “Oh the race is on and it looks like Heartaches…and the winner loses alllllll”)

Not too much like a howl, that.

BTW, is the race between the two horse gonna be held in a blizzard or the desert?

I hear the race announcer in my head going something like–

I’m calling Wiiiiiiiiildfire. I’m calling Wiiiiiiiiildfire. And coming up on the rail is, um, that horse. . . the one that looks really thirsty. It’s Wiiiiiiiiildfire, it’s. . . um. . . the other horse, it’s Wiiiiiiiiiildfire, AND COMING FROM OUT OF NOWHERE A STAR-SPANGLED HORSE TAKES THE LEAD AND WINS!!! What a spectacular finish, folks. I’m sure he’s gonna have offers coming over the phone!

Seriously, I hear it that way. The announcer sings ‘Wiiiiiiiiildfire’ in my head just like in the song. Feel sorry for me.

As the song closes, Murphey sings “We’re gonna leeeeave sod bustin’ behind.” But a lot of people thought (and some lyrics sites still say) that he was singing “We’re gonna leave South Boston behind.”

Sod bustin’ makes more sense for a Nebraska farmer!

Well now, that makes a lot more sense! Can you tell me if, in the desert you can’t remember your name because there ain’t no one to give you blame, shame or fame?

Biggirl, you are so Evil for putting that old earworm in my head. Round and round it plays…

I thought Michael Martin Murphey was a blast from the past, but, his website is a spiffed up, his touring schedule full, he has 3 houses, apparently pretty successful on the cowboy singing circuit. A lenghthy tome of a bio follows, and, originally, even he didn’t know what was up with that song:

Has anyone seen him sing recently?