Beck and the 3 bad buzzards!

Woke up waaaayyy too early. Cats and all doggies follow me down stairs. Breakfast time must be adhered to. It’s the rulz, folks. I don’t make 'em.

I fed the cats. Got my protein drink and me and the pups go out on the deck. I put Yorkie on her pee-pad and look over the rail and see 3 buzzards
What the heck? They’re less than 30ft. from the deck.
Betsy the beagle starts up a relentless baying at them. The Chihuahuas are going berserk.
The big ugly birds don’t care not one wit.
They stand their ground. WTF?

I’ve seen more wildlife out here than if I lived in a zoo, through-out the years. This is a first.

While sitting there, one of them gives me the stink-eye. I could take that as a bad omen. Egads!
Hey! Nasty Buzzard-birds I ain’t dead yet!

I got the dogs in and fed.
The lil’wrekker got up and wanted to know what all the commotion was. I point her outdoors.
She comes back in and sez, “There’s 3 eagles on the ground!”
Girl. Please. She grew up here and doesn’t know the difference between buzzards and eagles. :Smack:
Hamza came down soon after asking cranky questions about all the noise. I point him outdoors. He comes back in and sez, “There’s 3 turkeys on the yard!”

Are these people college educated and Arkansas residents? I don’t know these people.

They decide it’s time for people breakfast. The little grandsons come down as soon as they smell food cooking. I showed them the buzzards. The oldest one asks me were they Vultures. Close enough.

I text Son-of-a-wrek and tell him to come here early. I receive a message, “Ugh!”
But he comes.
I showed him the buzzards. He goes for a gun. I told him “No, I believe they are a protected species.” Oh. Okay.
Anyway, shooting them would be gross beyond belief. I hit one with a car once. That car was never the same after that

I want him to find what’s attracting them. A dead feral hogs, most likely.
Then we can remove that and they’ll move on.

While everyone’s eating I sat outside and watch the birds. They were just hanging out. Strange.
I decide my house is a mess. We’ve been busy with garden produce. Little cleaning happened last week.
This is clean up day. There’s gonna be groans and sass talk.
Maybe that’s why the buzzards are hanging around. They smell the filth floating in the air.
Clean up day was happening.

I got my notebook and made a chart.

Everyone hates me. I hope they don’t murder me. Buzzards, given enough time could clean up the crime scene.

That’s a plus.

I remember many years ago I took my young son for a walk in a nearby neighborhood. A flock of turkey vultures (I didn’t count, but there must have been more than a dozen) were perched on a house, just watching people go by. Very creepy.

Old Far Side:

“Now take them big birds Barnaby…never eat a thing…just sit & stare…”

Do you remember those old Peanuts strips where Snoopy would pretend he was a vulture?

Maybe they came for Poncho. They’re clearly very late.

Oxymoron of the day.

(Just kidding :innocent:)

Buzzards will target a sick or injured animal. Hang around until it’s too weak to fight them off. Usually other predators get the first meals and the buzzards wait for what’s left.

I’d look around for any sick animals or carcasses. Seems like the birds would hang around close to their next meal.

Beck keep a close watch on the Yorkie and Chihuahua. They could be snatched by a big bird. I’m no expert, but maybe the vultures are waiting for their chance to strike?

The pets and kids are never out alone. Too many predetors and bad things out there.

This sounds like that Hitchcock movie.
I’m glad you’re keeping the little ones inside and safe.

Son-of-a-wrek found a very decomposed feral hog. It was down in the woods away from the house. Not sure why they were waiting on the yard.
Son had dumped some crud from the bottom of his big fish fry pot. He put the oil back in the big jug. I’ll bet he dumped in too close to the house. He’s not admitting it.

I’m pretty sure he’s done it before. That boy!

The buzzards have moved on.
And my house is clean.
Co-inky-dink? Not so sure. :roll_eyes:

Was college/educated the oxymoron?

Just askin’ :smirk:


I think @panache45 was being facetious about Arkansas being a bit backward.
He thinks he’s funny😋

A couple of years ago I was stopped at a light by an Assembly of God Church. A buzzard landed right on the crossbar of the cross on the steeple. Astride the cross, he held his wings outstretched as far as he could and kept the pose. That was before I had a smart phone. What a picture! I bet the congregation would have freaked out. A couple of years before that a car rammed the church and injured six people. The devil is taking pot shots at this place.

They’re Back!!

Somewhere on my phone I have a picture of a flock of vultures flying above and landed upon one of the parts of the hospital my oncologist has an office in … yikes …

Betsy the ‘brave’ beagle decided Buzzards should not be in her yard.
She sat on the safety of the deck and barked and barked.
The Chihuahuas were screaming. Yorkie never noticed.
Betsy got braver and braver. She went all the way to the bottom step. 6 whole feet away from me. Barking her fool head off.

So…I threw an ice cube at her. Surprisingly it hit her butt.
She jumped about 2 feet into the air and screeched. And ran up to me.
I kinda felt bad, after I got done laughing.

The buzzards flew off.

It’s not unusual for me to see buzzards hanging out in one particular tree by my house. The dogs circle around it barking until I throw rocks at the birds and make them skedaddle. One summer I had a pair nesting in the unused loft of my old barn.

And my neighbor lost a couple lambs to buzzards, who go for the eyes first. Terrible.


Now I’m a-feared!

Beck, beagles like to pretend they’re vultures. Has BigWrek been teaching any of his dogs to climb trees?

Betsy can definite get the hang-dog face. But she’s too fat to get up a tree.

are you feeling better Cochran?