Beckdawrek feels good and it's bad, bad, bad! (Plus tax?)

I’m on the mend. I’ve had a long standing kidney infection. It has waxed and waned for months. Some days I felt ok, other days pretty dang awful. I’ve been on antibiotics, pills and IV for too long. I’ve had some glucose scares. My CGM works. Thank god. My DIL has been a good soldier through this whole episode. As well as some Dopers. They worried with me and listened to me. Often times just jerking me out of a self pity tangent was helpful. You know who you are:)
Last Friday I felt fine. Saturday I was decidedly perky. I decide I’m going on an outing. Alone. DIL pushes back. I’m determined to go out alone, so I stand my ground.
So off I go in the Orange Menace. I hit a junk store. I walk around there for an hour or so. I bought a book for $1.00.
Hey! It’s tax free day for back to school shoppers. Wonder what I can find to buy on Mr.Wrekkers credit card, thereby saving him some tax dollars. (He won’t care or know for that matter, shhh! Don’t tell).
I have no real needs. I have a few ‘wants’. But, danged if I can think of them right then.
Jeez, surely I want ‘something’, hmmmm?
A friend suggests a bunch of pricey undies. I do buy some. I tried on shoes, nah…no red ones. I specifically want red shoes.:wink:
I go to the stoopidly highpriced pet store. The Siamese cats and doggies must need something. Nope. I bought diet treats for the obese beagle, Betsy. I had to get outta there I wanted to buy birds. The cat’s would approve too much for that to be a wise decision.
Well, crap.
Next stop Sonic!
America’s drive-in. My favoritist place on earth.
Two corndogs, 1 diet lime-ade.
Thank-you Mr.Wrekkers credit card:)

But tell me: how are your feet?

My feet? Hmm?
They scare the Doctor.
I was a Pointe dancer in my younger days. Jacked up feet are a permanent reminder.

I’m glad you’re getting to feeling better. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better!!

I’ve had 4 days in a row of feeling ‘good’
My numbers have been easy to control. No nausea, so I’ve been able to eat properly. I didn’t really realize how sick I was feeling.
Hey, I shoulda bitched more!:wink:

OMG I soooooo know how you feel! Then there was the added insult that I always loved being tall and wearing high heels, and my ballet training meant that I could wear them without pain or difficulty. So I did, for decades.

My feet look quite normal from the outside if I hold them just right, but when the podiatrist saw the x-rays she was flummoxed. When I asked if there was sign of a break she just said it was hard to tell, and that she wasn’t sure what "normal"would really be for my feet.

I’m just after spending a whole year basically sitting down due to foot pain. It’s a whole lot better now, but man alive that was awful. And now I’ve got a shipload of weight to lose. :sigh:

Anyway, I’m really glad you are on the mend. Chronic infection is a bear, especially mixed with diabetes. Now try not to overextend yourself! No shenanigans, no tomfoolery, and definitively no monkeyshines!

Glad you’re feeling better! Also, glad to hear your CGM works. I just got mine last week. I LOVE the thing!
Stay well, Beck.

I have a love-hate relationship with my CGM. When it was waking me up from my meager sleep I hated it. When it saved my life a coupla times I loved it. It is convenient. I don’t hate it as bad as I hate my PICC line. I’ll be glad be rid of that. I go to my clinic tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get it approved to come off.

Glad you’re feeling better Beck.

I’ve had UTI’s and know how washed out they make me feel. It’s such a relief when the antibiotics finally kick in.

Another good morning! Dang, this is almost easy!
Going to the clinic today. I have high hopes that this will be a ‘good’ visit. And I get corndogs.
I may record it in my journal. A red-letter day!!:slight_smile:

I have my doubts.

OTOH : Snakes.

ROFL. Well, but we can try, can’t we? :smiley:

Also, for Mr. Wrekkers, old joke of mine :

  • disapproving/judgemental voice Oh. Well, you know what they say about women with red shoes…
  • intended mark, pre-emptively defensive Well, what DO they say ?!
  • sheepish I’ve no idea, I just thought you knew and could tell me :]

I am in Arkansas. Shoes are not mandatory. At. All.:wink:
Red ones are a secret desire of mine.
(I have reasons)

Oh I’m sure you do, you saucy little so-and-so !
(I’m not sure I’m doing this right, or within the right context. Just… just roll with it, OK ?)

Shouldn’t you keep that CGM? I know friends who have been really happy with theirs. Also the whole, saving your life thing. I can’t help it. I worry. :frowning:

Fess up! You wanna be able to click your heels and fly to Kansas. :smiley:

I think she wants to be rid of the PICC line, not the CGM.