Beckdawrek is island hopping in a bad, bad, bad way!

I’m cruising to town. It’s lightly raining this morning. I’m going to see if my mural looks as good as I thought it did yesterday when I finished.
On all sides of me there is water. A major river, a set of man-made lakes and a bayou. I’m on high ground. We are under flood watches, today.
So…I get halfway to town and the bayou is up over the road. There’s another road around about but if this road is covered with water, that one will be worse. I’ve lived in these woods many years, I know the jokes they play on people. Old news.
I stopped on the shoulder of the road to assess the situation. I’m the only person here. There are not any barricades set up on this end. They would have to boat one over at this point, anyway.
I’m sitting here and I hear a big truck. Thinking it’s behind me I look in the rearview. No truck. I look ahead and a big ol’ semi is crossing the road covered in bayou. I’m thinking that is about the dumbest thing I’ve seen all week when he starts floating toward the bayou. The bayou, namely ‘Two Bayou’, because you get 2, 2 bayous in one. We don’t do anything cut rate around here. Grown men have been lost for days in that there bayou. Bigfoot is rumored to hang-out there. I’ve seen alligators that came from there, with my own eyes, in the sober light of day.
The truck is oozing slowly to the tree line, a lovely cypress grove, underbrush so thick you’d have to crawl underneath to get out. I see the door of the truck open and the driver steps out and goes completely underwater. I’m shocked how deep it is and I’ve seen flooding here before. For a long minute I thought he was a goner. But he surfaced and was swimming furiously to the farside away from me. In the mean time the truck is listing to one side. I’m sure it’s lost. I don’t know if the driver got out. I called the sheriff’s office and reported it. I felt that was the least I could do, sitting here on the shoulder of the road, tempting fate and Trooper Major Meanie-Pants.
I made a u-turn and headed home. I’m hoping Cypress Creek stays in it banks til I cross it. Then there’s Caney Creek and Caney Creek relief. Yep, I’m definitely relieved when I pass that.
Life is never dull here on the islands. Think I’ll open a can of spam and have a luau.:slight_smile:

Heh. I remember commuting one day and stopping at a flooded lane. There was a lorry coming the other way. The bow wave was impressive. I turned the car around and went another way.

Don’t drown, turn around!