Beckdawrek is unwell

I feel about the same way. I want things to work out for both of them so they can go home and stop being in hospitals.

Give them hell, Beck. Hugs and love.

bad bad bad brain blood. Heal up quick Becky

Get well, and stay well, to both @Beckdawrek and @Dropzone. Stay out of those damn hospitals. They have enough problems without the likes of you.

Crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery without any new problems.
At least you were at hospital, and could get help fast.

Sending my very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Beck be healed! The power of the Dope compels you!

Well, “compel” is such a strong word. We would really, really like it though. You are missed.

Well-wishes and hugs! :crossed_fingers:

All our love!

Whoa. Feel better, get well, and see you back here soon. Keeping a good thought for you here.

I was concerned about a brain bleed as well. Very good that they caught it and hope Becks has a fast and full recovery.

Dear Becks,
Get well.

Healing wishes to Beck from another Becca. We are all rooting for you from everywhere! I’m in Oakland CA.

Mother has a good night. She’s been feisty this morning.
They are packing her up to move to a regular room.

I was reading the chatroom on that Message board.
I told her lots of people had wished her well. I was going to post a ‘ty’ but she said not to.
So you can pass it along: “thanks a million”, from the actual Li’lWrekker. (Lord that name is so bad)

She’ll have her devices this afternoon sometime.
So I’ll sign off,

Thank you for today’s update, @dropzone. Lots of healing thoughts for you, and for Beck.

Many thanks to @dropzone and Factual Li’lWrekker!

Much hopes for der @Beckdawrek having her toys back and seeing the good vibes.

Li’lWrekker better becareful or they’ll be sucked into the Dope and forced to post bad fish puns and the like.

Good thoughts and hang in there, Beck! hugs

Hey, guys. I’m here.
Such as it is.

I’m tired, weak, head ache-y.
Now I’m back in a regular hospital room. Well, maybe that’s not true. There’s CCTV watching me. Bed rails are up. I’m not allowed up.

I found out first thing what getting up will do. It was quite impressive how many people came and saw me on the toilet.
Got the lecture.

The surgeon just left. He said my scan this morning showed HIS surgery on MY head looked exactly like HE wanted. No more bleeding in the skull.
Yay! Me.

He ordered a banana bag IV. And said eat. I cannot stomach the food here. Even the jello is bad.
I told the Li’l wrekker she’ll have to bring me food.
I need calories folks.
She’s a good girl.
Always helping me.

My eye is losing focus so I guess I better rest.

I love you all for the good wishes. :kiss:

Special thanks to my very good friend Mikey (@dropzone)
You’re my hero.

beck–(Hyjinx in the hospital will commence)

And we love you right back! :kiss::kiss::kiss:

He’s kinda special to us too :kiss:

Thanks for the report~glad you’re in a regular room, sorry the food is so inedible. Here’s hoping family can deliver corn dogs and tacos (and JoJo reports).

hugs the @Beckdawrek