Beckdawrek is unwell

Per her youngest:

Mr. Mike, I finally found you in Mother’s contacts. She’s sneaky hiding names.

Anyway, she had a brain bleed 2 days ago

They surgically reduced it yesterday. She’s in ICU. The surgeon is optimistic this will turn out ok.

I’ve been in to see her a few times today. She is always worried about the chat room Y’all are on. She said to find you and tell you what’s going on

I’ll have an update later tonight.



Ohhh, my. I was worried that the head injury was significant.

Thank you for the update, @dropzone.

Keeping you in my thoughts, Beck.

Wishing all the best to Becks!

That happened to my neighbor after he fell off his bike. It took a couple of days to manifest and then he wound up in the ER. It wasn’t a big deal to fix, so I’m sure that Beck will be fine.

Beck, you’ve gotta pull through. We need you here. My best wishes to you!

Best wishes to Beck.
Suspect you’ll pull through.
We’re pulling for you.

You got this, Beck.

Warm wishes (and hugs) from here as well, and another big ‘thank you’ to @Dropzone for sharing.

Although, forgive me, but I’d prefer you and @Beckdawrek just find the secret to immortality so we don’t have to have anymore of these threads for either of you.

And from me as well.

You are a good friend @dropzone

Thanks for the update. Sorry to see this!

Dropzone, how are you doing?

I will remember Beckdawrek in prayers, tonight and tomorrow, Palm Sunday. Don’t know the IRL name, but God will know who is meant.

I are thinking about you, Beck, and hope you are able to come back soon.


I saw Mother a few minutes ago.
She is giving them fits in ICU.
I told her to calm down and let the process go forward.
She was happy when I told her the surgeon thought this was a set back but not permanent.
She ask questions about the pets, the Dope and the family. In that order.
My aunt her older sister came in from Texas so I gave part of my time to her.
I feel like she’ll get in a regular room tomorrow and long as she calms down and her blood sugar stays good.


Why do horrible things happen to the best people?

Wishing Beck a speedy recovery. We need her joyful style of crazy on this board!

(That last post sounds like great news!!)

Beck please take care of yourself and get well. You’re missed and we look forward to your posts.

I wish her the best.

Here is the thread where she talks about it:

Accckkkkk, my poor Bekkers!

Bekker-Daughter, bring your Mom a Sonic corndog, and a few Jack-in-the-box tiny tacos, if you can find a Jack’s near you!

Make sure you keep tabs on JoJo!

Maybe JoJo and Beck can be roomies in ICU?

Thanks ever so much, @dropzone , for giving us the update!


P;ease tell Brooke to tell her mom not to worry about the Dope; let the Dope worry about her, which we do. She’s a fighter, and Jojo especially needs her, so I’m counting on her licking this latest situation.

Dropzone, thanks much for passing along the news.

Beck is a fighter! And I, as one among many, am rooting for her.

I’ll be praying… for Beck, but even more for the poor hospital staff… who are dealing with “The Most Challenging Patient Ever.”

Okay, Beckda[notreallythatmuchofa]wrek, get right back to tormenting the docs, hugging the family, and writing to us.