Wait just a dang minute. Bad bad bad Ms. Beck-brain, we gotta talk

I’m glad you’re in a place that includes cats!

Nah. They don’t care if you go out in the day time.

I’m glad cats are here as well. Except it shows how unlovable my Siamese are. They are supreme jerks.

My dog can visit. I’ve already have had one visit with Bayliss. He was so excited.

I may have had a seizure today. I lost some time.

The neurologist has no clue why. There’s some talk of my insulin pump causing it.
I have a new one now.

This place is okay. The food is verging on great. The space is pleasant. The staff is pretty good. No real problems.

I think I’m gonna be fine.

I’m so glad they brought Bayliss for a visit! He was probably the best medicine all day long!

Did he visit with others, or did he spend the entire time at your feet, worshipping you with big sad eyes?


Have your family bring you the prank kidney, and get it out of your nightstand when the doctor comes to see you on rounds.

"Hey doc! I figure this guy has been sitting in moonshine long enough to kill off all the bad guys. Maybe you could plug it back in, we’ll see how it works?


@VOW ,you tickle me. Bayliss was so happy. He forgot himself and jumped up on the bed

Yikes, Becks. I hope your brain settles down, seizure-wise. One of the cautions I got when I had diabetic students was that very low blood sugar can cause seizures. It’d make sense that a malfunctioning pump would be behind your brain throwing fits.

So glad Bayliss got to see you. That dog is good medicine.

Stay feisty.

Hoping that the seizure problem is resolved with the new pump. When you get outta there, you will have to bring Bayliss back to entertain the others.

After my father died (Alzheimer’s complications), the nursing home he was in asked me to keep returning with my friendly cat, Pitch, who made folks happy. Eventually, they got a little dog who would wander around and was happy to be petted and made much of by the residents. Pets do wonders for us all.

Don’t they. I’ve been sad about Clarence for a couple weeks. But Bayliss has sustained me. Him and Betsy the obese Beagle.


I hope recovery keeps going smoothly.

I’m scared of basements.

Tornadoes blow buildings around. It don’t care where they land. Right on top of your storm cellar or your hidey hole. Or your house.

I think my fear is more of a fear of being in a hole and stranded underneath a ton of a building. Whose to know when or if someone might figure out you’re under there.

But Beck, as someone who’s lived in tornado country all these years, surely you know basements are safer. You’re not likely to be smooshed down there. It’s upstairs where that and other gross dangers lurk.

But don’t listen to me. Listen to your idol, Cecil Adams.

I’ve seen houses completely destroyed.
Usually the concrete foundation is even ripped up and scattered.
We don’t have very many basements in Arkansas. So I’ve never seen my fear played out.

Except, storm cellers away from the house are common.
I have one. I throw kids and pets in it and stay up top so I can tell rescuers where they are before I die from blowing debris.
I’ve see 100s of house parts laying on top of cellar doors.

Not me.

Sorry Unca Cecil🤭

I’ve been hit by 2 tornadoes, and had relatives who were hit. You may stay up top if you like. I’ll be downstairs.

Seriously Beck - get into shelter.

This, this, this. I now live in a building with no basement, near a river valley that a tornado might use as a guide (weather travels along it all the time). It scares me. They tell me to get into the interior bathroom, but… The folks across the street told me to come over and share their basement. That is what I choose.

Any-hoo, there might be spiders down there🤗

Don’t worry, I’ll really be safe. Because tornadoes are one of my primal fears!!

I have so many! Egads.

Come here and we’ll hold your hand while you describe the situation.

That’s the problem. My fears are so irrational most of the time.
Likely, I’m usually able to talk myself down. Or I lean on one of my family members.

It’s really been close to the knuckles, occasionally.

And, of course, it’s storming outside right now.

You know I’m used to it.

Seth McFarlane serenading Cindy Lauper in his Family Guy voices:

Thanks, Mikey

Maybe you can get them to knock you out (or at least on emergency antianxiety meds) if they have to go to the basement.