Wait just a dang minute. Bad bad bad Ms. Beck-brain, we gotta talk

Well, here’s the thing you know what I’m saying before I do. Some how that’s seems unfair. I tell you what you stay on the right half and I’ll speak from the left. Ok? Ok, then.

Why are you rebelling? Haven’t I been good to you?
I do crossword puzzles to keep you sharp. I rarely take things (ummm…well mostly) that confuse you. I realize I’m weird and eccentric sometimes. But it’s harmless, mostly.

So…why are you seizuring?

20 seizures in one day? Not good.
Hospital stay, not good.
Neurologist spending way too much time examining and running tests. To come to the conclusion: having seizures. Duh!

I’m in rehab. I’m on high powered anti-seizure drugs and they’ve ( the PTB) say I need to be watched.
So I’m in a rehab, being watched by virtually no-one.
I see the orderly more than anyone. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t medical training or can even speak English.
I can lock my door. Which seems counterintuitive to me being rescued, god forbid I fall on the floor.
Hey, but fall risk is on my bracelet. It took me 3 days to cypher out that didn’t mean I would be here til September.

Wait …maybe that was another brain squeeze. Maybe you have shed a few brain cells Ms. Beck-brain.
I did eat those pickles, knowing the result would not be good.

Speaking of brain squeeze. My neurologist said my brain was big. It barely fits in my skull. I ask him what that meant? He said lighten up on those random trivial thoughts. It was clogging things up.
I think he was funnin’ me.

I worried about it for one night. I was afraid my skull would crack and my brain would splatter all over. Not making a very pretty corpse. Which is my dying wish(ha).

Well here I sit, trying not fall off the bed, or add trivia to my overlarge brain and Looking at TV. They have nice TV here. And I get a morning paper.

I feel ok. And that’s good.

Well, dang, Beck. I hope that they can get to the bottom of your seizures, and get you back home to enjoy those new grandsons!

Best wishes Beck. Keep talking to that brain of yours. Im sure it will come around.

Hang in there, Beck!

My biggest worry at the moment is we’re under a tornado watch. The protocol for this place is all patients and staff head to the basement by following the red line on the floor. Nope, nope, nope. I catagorically will not be in a basement in any medical institution EVER.
I’ll take my chances up top.

Wishing you the best of luck, Beck.

(But when they come in to take you to the basement: better go.)

Should be all clear now Beck. No basement for you, and dont let them take you now. At least wait for the warnings.

Damnit, Beck. Tell your body it is under MY orders to give you a break from breaking you.

I’m waiting for @Gatopescado to come in here with his normal smart ass remark. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
He’s so good at it, you know.

After reading all of the platitudes people hate, I’m not sure what to say!

I’ll say, get well and get back home!

Let’s count blessings! At least you have an orderly! Everyone is so short-staffed these days, only the comatose patients are given a free pass. Everyone else is mopping floors, washing windows, scrubbing toilets!

Have you learned how to draw your own blood yet? I can see that soon the phlebotomist will drop off the tourniquet, needle, and Vacutainer tubes. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes, you know how all this works, right? Your chart says you are on the frequent flyer plan.”

Since they were gracious enough to have a TV, stick to the channels with old reruns. Wagon Train, Have Gun Will Travel, The Addams Family, and of course, all Star Trek. Adam West (Batman) used to do commercials for the TV Land channel. He said, “Life’s too short to watch crap.”

[Oh, GAWD, Bekkers! I’m expediting all hopes, prayers, good thoughts in your direction! Take care!]


I could draw blood.
I cut my toe recently and stitched it up myself. The foot doctor, while laughing, chewed me out.

Hey, I like platitudes.
Thx for the well wishes. I’m feeling pretty good, all things considered.

Holy mackerel girl, it never does stop for you or even slow down. It makes me so sad to read this. Rehab no fun, but better than hospice so keep working on rehabbing yourself. I should go to rehab so maybe I can work on getting energy back. But maybe not without an overseer/phys therapy person.

Get well, get home Becks. Sending you some brain heal-ium (thoughts anyway) so your voice can squeak for self-entertainment and your health can improve.

I try to make my own fun.
Last night, rather late I went outside to the park thing, they have.

There’s benches and a walking track. It has a keyless entry. I figured out you type 9 and your room number. I don’t think they meant for folks to go out after dark.
I came in and Nurse Rachet jumped on me. She was all kinda mad. Her shoes were clicking behind me all the way to my room. I went in and locked the door in her face.

Then she kept up her tirade up over the intercom. She even called my cell phone.

I let her in, finally. I never saw anyones face quite so red. I let her drone on and on.
I was perfectly safe. I have every device known to man attached.

I did apologize to her. And she went on and on some more.
I half expected an ankle bracelet would be on me this morning.

I did receive a visit from the director today. I zoned out while she was preaching.

When I was zoned out she left. There was a safety manual on my table.

All this was fun to me. YMMV, tho’

Are you planning to stage a jailbreak with your fellow patients, Beck? Or, at least demand that they turn on the TV so you can watch the baseball game?

To preach to you when they all are at fault for not noticing you leaving. That pisses me off. You should kindly point it out to them that it’s their job to track you and yours to escape. :innocent:

Well, it’s not like I could get out of the park. The fence is wrought iron well over 6ft high. With pointy things on top.
Possibly electrified. (This might be my morbid imagination)

Truly I was safe. I walk at night all the time at home and there are actually bad critters in my woods.

I went out a while ago. Turned out to be really cold so I didn’t stay long. The day nurse said to hit the buzzer when I wanted back in. I used the code to get in. She ask me how I got in. I just smiled.

I pay attention when folks talk. I find out lots of stuff that away.

Do you think it’s to keep people in, or keep people out? :wink:

Please elaborate on that. It sounds like a useful skill. Regular needle and thread? Did you have anesthetic?