Becoming a Presidential Appointee

So Oprah was talking about crying on some “Nice Man’s” shoulder in the preferred seating area of the big Obama rally in Chicago.

Turns out the guy was a donor who had given a lousy six thousand dollars to the campaign. OK, so for six thousand dollars you get good seats.

I returned to the US in July and have been unemployed since.

If I had worked as an Obama volunteer, and if I had contributed (say) $10,000, I wonder what sort of plum government job I could have gotten?

ANyone have any idea?

Stop whining and apply fo a job with Obama then you will find out.

If either you or the Obama campaign linked campaign contributions to employment, you’d run afoul of 18 USC 201, the anti-bribery statute, you could get up to 15 years of employment… in the field of license plate making.

It isn’t a violation of law to contribute to a campaign and then be employed in some government position (excluding positions covered by the Hatch Act), nor is it illegal for someone to hire a campaign contributor. But the specific question asked (what would I get for $10,000?) would certainly put you at substantial risk of prosecution.