Bedtime Stories Read By Actors That Would Creep You Out

So, MonkeyMule and I were discussing various actors that if we’d have heard them reading bedtime stories to us as little kids would have caused us to soil our Dr. Dentons. Here’s the list we’ve come up with so far:

Boris Karloff
Bela Legosi
James Earl Jones
Vincent Price
That guy who does all the “In a world. . . .” voiceovers who sounds like he’s been smoking a carton a day since he was like 12.
Louise Fletcher

I’m sure that there must be others we’re not thinking of, so if you’ve got any others or just a particular actor reading a specific children’s book, feel free to add them.

You totaly left out the guy who got the whole conversation started man! Chritopher Walken. Man that guy could peal paint with a hard stare. Peal it and casue the wall to commit suicide by colasping on a ban full of nuns and school chirdren.

He’s that badass

Jack Palance

Anthony Hopkins.

Oh, I dunno

Jack Nicholson.

Hey, it scared the hell out of me the first time I saw it (along with the Bumble in Rudolf).

Apparently the actor’s name is Douglas Rain.

“I’m afraid I can’t read that, Dave.”

Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, room.

Scooch closer children. Don’t make me tell you again… about the scooching.


I’d say Vincent Price.
Or Alan Rickman.
Or Jeremy Irons.

Wow … I didn’t know Chuck Jones directed The Grinch! I guess I never really paid attention!

I like Boris Karloffs voice in it though.
I also think James Earl Jones has a great voice … not scarry. Deep and soothing
if he wants it to be!

My friends and I call his (Jones’s) and similar people … The Voice of God … nice deep
and strong.

Patrick Stewart!

Man those guys have great voices

By Grabthar’s hammer, i have this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side…Mr…Potter

Crispin Glover
William S. Burroughs
Jello Biafra
Mason Riese

dude, I’m lucky I wasn’t trying to drink anything when I read that :smiley:

Especially, if he’s telling Brion Gysin’s All Purpose Nuclear Bedtime Story.

Peter Lorre would be a creepy voice to hear in a bedtime story.

Richard E Grant in full on Withnail mode, expletives included.

I don’t know if it would be scary, but I’ll bet in his version of the Three Little Pigs, the Wolf wins.

Michael Jackson reading Hop on Pop


There was this show about college students that used to be on Fox called “Undeclared”, I think. Anyway, there was a commercial for the show where one of the kids was listening to an audio-book. “Hey, Anthony Hopkins is reading this.” Later he says, “Anthony Hopkins is yelling at me!”

I Am the Metatron- Herald of the Almighty and Voice of the One True God!

Peter Lorre