Bee sighting (Colorado)

The last couple of weeks a person close to me has been full of doom and gloom predictions, among which is the fact that apparently nobody has seen any bees anywhere, except some beekeepers who have found bee houses (?) full of mysteriously dead bees. Otherwise they have disappeared. Maybe on that long trek to the newly discovered Earth II.

So today he was saying that there were no bees anywhere, and nobody knew why. So one family member googled “beekeepers” to confirm this dismal news. I went out to the front yard and looked in the mock orange bush.

I would like to assure everyone that there were at least six honeybees there, happily doing their usual thing. I went back inside and conveyed this exciting news. Someone left the computer to come out to verify it (probably thinking that what I saw were actually, I don’t know, flies, or something) and finally agreed that yes, those were bees, and much rejoicing and all that.

So! Humanity is granted a reprieve. At least for now.

ETA: the blooming mock-orange bush
If anyone is missing any other letters of the alphabet please let me know. I am now billing myself as an alpha-detective.

Perhaps they were mock-bees.

Your friend has reason to be at least somewhat concerned. Destructive mite threatens Hawaii bees


But you already knew that, and were just blanking on the word…right?

What you heard about from your friend was Colony Collapse Disorder. Lots and lots of bees are disappearing.

Did your family member not find this when checking google?


There are just as many bees in my neck of the woods as always – honey bees (including a nest in my garden) and bumblebees.

I have wild honeybees on my farm. They live in a tree. One of my cousins in Michigan has hives and produces honey for the family.

But bees are having problems, and that’s true enough. Not doom and gloom yet, but I have another friend who tried to raise bees, and treated them properly, and still ended up with a lot of dead bees. They got mites.


Got bees here in the O K C
Bunch of randy WASPs, too. (Viva Los Twages should get that one)

I like my women like I like my coffee. COVERED IN BEES!

Doing my part for civilization, yesterday I saved several bees from drowning in my pool. Then one of the little bastards stung my finger and it still hurts like hell.

Ungrateful little pestle suckers.

Saw a Bumblebee this morning.

He and Prime were out for a morning drive.

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine are usually pretty calm and collected.

Perhaps what you saw were FlowBees, or their close cousin, FauxBees.

A common mistake. Don’t feel bad. A lot of people see an immense airborn swarm of these clever devices and fear for their lives.



( ps. Upstate New York here. Have seen yellowjackets, no bumble bees as of yet this season. )

My beehive is doing really well. They began bringing in pretty yellow pollen the week before Christmas. That’s about six weeks early. As a result the hive is real strong for the peak of the season this month. I’m hoping to put two more supers on the hive this year.

I’ve seen a few bees here.

I had a bunch of honeybees, bumblebees and tiger swallowtails on a shrub right outside my window. I was taking pictures of the butterflies, and got this bumblebee, too. I didn’t want to get close enough to piss off the honeybees, but there were quite a few of them! :slight_smile:

Right. I hate it when that happens. Particularly when it happens to a simple five-letter word.

There’s no flipping need to be so blinking emphatic.

I had hives once. (No, no, I can’t finish it. It’s too corny and stupid even for me!)

Seriously, we have beehives in the alfalfa field across the road from us. The field used to be owned by my wife’s family, and the beekeepere paid “rent” on the property with several gallons of raw honey a year. The city now owns the land (for the water right) but the beekeeper still gives us several gallons of free honey every year. I love PBH samwitches!