Beef, Beef and Pork, Pork. Sausage poll.

[spoiler]I found out recently that I only like beef sausages. Until then I had been disappointed with the sausages I had been buying. I had thought “why are these nothing like the bangers from back home?”

Then one day I remembered that some sausages are beef and some are pork. With this new information I went to the supermarket. I discovered that nearly all the brands of sausages they sell are pork, with the exception of one brand, which sells pork and beef sausages. I bought a pack of them and when I ate them they were much nicer than every pork sausage from the IOM I had previously bought.

I prefer pork as a meat, but I seem to prefer beef to pork as the contents of a sausage.

so, Shoprite, sell some beef sausages damnit![/spoiler]

I like pork sausage fine, TYVM.

(But Lobbie-boy… why the spoiler box?)

So as not to influence the decision of those replying.

You might find that a real kielbasa (traditional polish, white, garlic, pork sausage) from a good butcher might change your preference. Personally I’m not a big fan of the processed and packaged supermarket sausages. I don’t like the texture…they grind the sausage much too fine and pasty, I like a coarse ground meaty texture in my sausage.

They’re all good.

In general, I prefer pork sausages. In general, most sausages are made from pork, although pork & beef and pork and veal (e.g. bratwurst and many kielbasas) are quite common. (As well as venison, lamb, etc.) I kind of consider all-beef kinds the bastard son of sausages, but I reluctantly must accept them, as good Chicago-style hot dogs should be all-beef.

But stick with the fresh, uncooked deli sausages or cured & smoked sausages. Chorizo (all pork), Italian sausage (generally, all pork), andouille (all pork), etc., are all fabulous sausages.

AFAIK, bangers are generally made from pork as well.

It’s impossible to buy good sausage from a store. You want some good sausage, come visit in a week. There’s a couple hundred pounds of it currently eating oats out on the farm that’s due to be smoked next Saturday.

They have a lamb sausage with garlic and mint at Wild Oats that I’m particularly fond of.