Beefing about Beef

I’ve been grocery shopping for years, and I’m curious as to what this stuff is that I’ve seen behind some meat counters. I even went to the American Beef Council’s website for enlightenment. So any info would be appreciated.

“Beef Marrow Guts”
“Flap Steak”
“Skirt Steak”

Skirt steak is a less than prime cut that became popular a dozen years back because it’s the usual cut for fajitas. Cut it against the grain and it’s easy to take bites of.

Pictures and everything!

Flap meat is the trimmed, boneless, single muscle lying
on the inner surface of the bottom butt, and extending into the loin wing. It’s rather like skirt steak.

Beef marrow is the marrow from beef bones; I don’t know why they’re calling it “guts.”

To Bio-Brat:

Thanks for the link, it was MOST informative! I couldn’t find beef marrow guts, but the other two meats I mentioned were there.

So “flap steak” is the diaphragm muscle. Both names are revolting, LOL, but it’s supposed to be good eating. Hmmm…


To Nametag:

The “beef marrow guts” I see in the butcher case are encased in a tube membrane. I’m wondering if it’s intestines?

(I think the Beef Association needs to hire a PR firm to name these things!)