been to Negril recently?

I’m going there tomorrow and was wondering if anyone who had been to Jamaica recently had any tips or advice to give? I’ve never been there before, and have heard mixed things. Thanks

(This would prolly be beter in IMHO, by the way.)

Where are you staying? Resort? Hotel? Private villa? Friend’s house?

Do you have a rental car, or is transportation provided by the hotel/resort (if applicable), or are you planning on taxi service?

As for myself:

Been to Hedonism II, but that was back in the late 80s. At the time, the regular hottub sat 12 people (small hot tub), and the large hot tub on the nude beach sat 125 people.

Pretty much, I stayed at the resort, since everything was provided there (they even brought in local craftspeople for an on-site ‘flea market’.

Rick’s Cafe (if it’s still there) - overpriced for the food and service quality (read: touristy trap, IMHO), but gorgeous sunsets and cliff divers.

Off to do some reminiscing.

This’ll be better in IMHO.

Enjoy your vacation!

Honeymooned at Sandals Negril 7 years ago. It was great since we arrived at dusk and stayed in the resort.

Darkness helps hide the driver’s technique and the incredible poverty of most of the island.

(e.g. they tie the cattle to cinderblocks as it’s cheaper than building a fence.)

This is not in any way a condemnation or slam on the people of Jamaica, it’s merely an observation of the polar differences between where the tourists go and the natives live.

Enjoyed my stay there June 1998. People were destitute. Enjoyed walking around talking to people. Steered clear of the resorts.