beer as mosquito repllent

Channel surfing on the car radio, I heard a snippet claiming that ingesting brewers yeast will change the “smell” of your blood and thereby repel mosquitos. I pour on Cutters, wear light clothing, use unscented soap, etc. and still get eaten alive by the wretched critters. Whereas my beer swilling ex could stand stark naked in a swamp and never get a single bite. (But my liver is fine.)
I tried mixing brewers yeast into food and drink (yuck!) but mayber it didn’t work because I wasn’t doing it right. Any ideas if this is an NPR hoax or if there’s some basis to the idea?

Brewers yeast? Nope, this is a home remedy I hadn’t heard before.

I’ve heard it said that if you eat a lot of garlic the skeeters will find you unappetizing and leave you alone, but I suspect if you eat enough garlic so it comes out on your skin, mosquitoes won’t be the only ones to leave you alone.

Some folks swear by Skin-so-Soft; others say DEET is the only real repellent. (It’s dangerous, though.) And some claim pyrethium (made from a variety of marigold, iirc) is the best thing going.

About all I know that works for sure is prevention. Try to stay indoors at twilight and dawn (when they swarm), keep sources of water dried up around your property (mosquitoes can hatch in amazingly small amounts of standing water), avoid dark colored clothing (apparently it attracts 'em).

And pray for winter.

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Try going to your local health food store and purchasing the Yeast Pills. I’m not sure what the dosage is off-hand but yes the yeast works. It coats your skin and makes you taste yucky to the flying vamps.

A while back (some three months ago, I guess), I initiated a thread called “The puppae were watching”: one of the posters (forget who) mentioned brewers’ yeast as an effective repellant. Never tried it myself, though.

Tuba: DEET is dangerous?? In high concentrations, maybe, otherwise it would be news to me.

TV: Your authorities on the matter would no doubt logically be Beeruser and Mr. Beer :smiley:

Okay, maybe I overstated a little bit.

Quote from, Dr. Andrew Weil:

"You get the best results with repellents containing DEET, the active ingredient in chemical sprays like Off and Cutter’s, but DEET is toxic so I don’t recommed it, especially for children. "

And from the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, Reregistration of DEET “EPA concluded that, as long as consumers follow label directions and take proper precautions, insect repellents containing DEET do not present a health concern. Human exposure is expected to be brief, and long-term exposure is not expected. Based on extensive toxicity testing, the Agency believes that the normal use of DEET does not present a health concern to the general population.”

However, the EPA is not recommending DEET be used on children. “EPA is no longer allowing child safety claims on product labels. These claims currently appear on certain products containing a DEET concentration of 15% or less. The scientific data on DEET do not support product label claims of child safety based on the percentage of active ingredient.”

New York State now bans preparations with more than 30% concentrations of DEET. There is no state in the country with as big a problem with Lyme disease as the Empire state and DEET works against deer ticks; apparently they consider those high concentrations more of a health risk than Lyme disease. That says a lot right there.

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Hm? What am I replying to?..oh. Okay! Hehe. Are you blonde? Mozzies love blonde women. Redheads they will pretty much ignore, and everyone else falls inbetween. Mozzies like women more than men. Don’t eat bananas. Bananas heavily increase your popularity to the bloodsuckers. And citronella! It works only because it irritates the mozzies’ feet. Isn’t that cute/sad/funny? Poor mozzies. And don’t get a bug zapper for your porch! That’s oh-so-bad. They go zap and explode, and all harmful toxins in their tiny li’l bodies gets sprayed over an area of 6ft. in every direction. Maybe you can do like that commercial does…put lotsa Tabasco sauce on yer food and you can watch the mozzies go boom! Or zap them. Or you could dress up in a Pentium suit and wander around like the living dead and be unhurt. Or say there’s a sale in mozzie-size skirts someplace far away and all the female (bloodsucking) mozzies will zooooom all the way there and the guys will be left with you to drink the nectar of flowery things. Eee! So fun.

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Brewers yeast is a good source of B vitamins. B vitamins are rumored to keep the little buggers from biting. I have used it myself and on my dogs with mixed results.

You would think with an encyphalitis (sp) breakout in the metro NY area they would be a little less worried about the DEET percentage.

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