"Beer belly" = heart problems?

OK, I’ve done enough precursory research to find that the “beer belly” is a myth. See here.

While I do still consume alcohol a couple times a week on average, I already know that alcohol in itself is a risk factor. What I’m asking about here is the distribution of body fat.

But could it be true that carrying your weight higher increases the incidence of heart problems?

My mother claims this.

At 6’0", I’m overweight at roughly 210 pounds. My ideal weight would probably be around 175-180 based on my bone structure. However, pretty much all of the extra weight seems to be in my belly. My arms, legs, face, etc aren’t fat. I do have little extra in my neck, but in my estimation, roughly 75% of my extra fat is carried in my stomach, and the rest pretty well evenly distributed. A good deal probably wraps around in the form of “love handles”, but still in the rib area.

Also, my belly is “high up” extending at maybe a 45 degree angle from directly below my diaphram, and back at 45 degrees above my waist line. I can wear either 34/32 or 32/32 pants, the latter being a little tight. 33/32 would be perfect if I could find them.

Now then, if we remove alcohol from the equation, and assume that as stated in the thread quoted above, fat distribution is a genetic trait regardless of alcohol intake, does carrying my extra weight mostly in front and up high really affect my chance of heart problems compared to a another male who had it all in his legs or ass?

p.s. I’m a 37 year old white male if that makes a difference.

Belly is bad.

I signed up for that site ( :-/ ) watched the video and read the article.

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Belly fat is linked to diabetes.