In a recent episode of Fear The Walking Dead, characters decide to name the beer they’re planning to eventually brew ‘Jimbo’s Beer-Bos’.

I’m all old an’ shite, and nobody invites me to parties anymore. I’m not exposed to the shibboleths of the Millennial generation. is ‘beer-bos’ a ‘thing’? If so, from when and where?

I think it’s just a play on his name “Jimbo” Jimbo, Beerbo (every cite I see online is “Beerbo” not “Beer-Bos”)…

Like if you made a beer and called it “Johnny’s Beery’s” or “Los Angeles Beereles”.

On The Talking Dead they showed a graphic with -‘bos’. They also said that there’s actually a brew called Jimbo’s Beer-Bos.

When I watched the episode I thought they might just be making something that ‘rhymes’ with Jimbo’s; but I immediately thought, ‘That’s stupid. “Bos”? That doesn’t mean anything, therefore the joke falls flat.’ I wondered if there is a cultural reference I was missing.

The trucker lady calls Jim ‘jimbo’ and Morgan 'momo", It was her play on words to name his beer ‘beerbos’. Bad joke, but it fit the characters personality.

Like Brewski.:smiley:

Brewskajas are people too :slight_smile:

Which since 1982 has been further abbreviated as “Skis”.