Beer Coupons?

There are coupons for every product or service that you can think of, so why haven’t I ever seen one for beer, wine or liquor? Is there some law like the one that says you can’t show it being consumed on TV commercials?

The closest I’ve ever seen was a coupon for 10% off the cost of alcohol delivery after the beer store closes…
Beer does go on sale, but you don’t need to clip and save…

In the British Army, pound notes are sometimes referred to as “beer vouchers.”

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I don’t have an answer to your question but perhaps can supply some supporting evidence of your theory: Ever notice how the windows of liquor stores are always plastered with their sale prices.

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We have beer coupons here in the Detroit area. Otherwise known as “Canadian money.” Only redeemable in Canada, however. :slight_smile:

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

Because companies use coupons to PERSUADE consumers into buying a product that they may not otherwise buy.

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In North Carolina - and I presume other states as well - it is illegal to have coupons for alcoholic beverages to my knowledge. I do know that it’s illegal to ever comp a drink for someone, whether it’s a buy-back or to make up for a bad dining experience.

Still, it is not against the law for alcohol to be on sale, or for bars to have drink specials.

More silly inconsistancies with liquor laws in this state as the puritanical ways of our past crash head on with modernity…

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Within the past year, my supermarket has begun running specials on beer, using one of those shopper scan cards. It was very noticeable, because I’d never seen it before.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen coupons for beer or liquor, though. Might be one of those self-governing things that isn’t actually a law, like people drinking beer on TV.

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Around here (Orange County, NC), grocery stores have specials on beer and wine, but you don’t have to use your discount card. These are the only items on which you can get the special price without the card. Now, it seems to me that the only effect of this law is to make buying discounted alcohol easier than buying other discounted products. Go figure.

That would be were, as they’re no longer in circulation. Pound notes that is.

In California, any sort of grocery promotion involving alcoholic beverages and/or fluid milk is illegal.

My God! I will never understand California. What possible reason is there for that law?

Ummm, fluid milk? Stores only sell dehydrated milk in CA? Y’all really are on the “Left Coast”. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the CA law about not having grocery store promotions involving fluid milk (you can discount powdered milk all you want) is pretty strange.

I believe it has something to do with the price controls that the state has on milk.

Dairy is a BIG industry in CA and quite powerful in the state legislature.

In Virginia, where almost 400 years of law has managed to make everything from radar detectors to blow jobs illegal (but not concealed firearms-heh!), the ABC stores still have bulletin boards offering all sorts of promotional materials relating to the various spirits you can buy. But no coupons. I suppose that if I’m not allowed to have sex in any position other than missionary, I might as well forget saving a buck on a six-pack.

there is no law saying you can’t show people drinking alcohol on TV. there are no beer commercials because of a voluntary ‘censure’ that the networks enacted in the 70s, methinks. occasionally, you’ll see an ad for seagrams or a distilled beverage…but those are rare. same for people drinking on tv series. you see em, but not often.

I have seen an exception to the “nobody shall drink beer in a beer commercial” custom. In a series of Keystone beer ads, characters are shown quaffing the competitor’s “bitter beer,” and suffering “bitter beer face.” Otherwise, folks will pour beer, spill beer, hold beer, and suggestively fondle the glass, but never actually drink on screen. Outside of ads, I have seen a good deal of beer drinking on screen.

It is also not illegal to advertise whiskey on TV, but that taboo was not broken until recently.


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We were talking about beer commercials. Why do you have to bring Keystone commercials into a discussion of beer commercials? Sure, Keystone is technically considered a beer, but if it tastes like water and doesn’t really make you drunk…

My FAVORITE local liquor store has coupons in those booklets we receive in the mail once a month. However, they are either $5 off of any purchase of wine or liquor, or 12% off any purchase of wine or liquor. No beer coupons. Of course, I don’t let that stop me from picking up a six pack!! UMMMMM, BEER…