Beer- Expound, please, you've got me (shudder) interested in what your'e saying


K, I read about the contribution limits and who should be able to donate and not, and I think they are excellent points. And the points you amke above, also.


How do you get around the supremes court argumetn that PAC donations are free speech, and if you do, isn’t this a bad idea in some cases? Aren’t some PAC’s ‘good’?

I mostly agree with your argument there, but have the little sticker I jsut mentioned, and want to hear your thoughts on it.

Aslo, I have learned in dealing with myself, that I have to do so from where I am, not from where I think I should be. It hasn’t been shown to be practical, that way.
So, this is what I’m wondering- I like your ideas, but aren’t they a little Walt Disney-ish, ie: happy ending, simplistic? People like to think they’re hip, sophisticated, in on it. Simple solutions rarely appeal, even if they’re the best ones.
Talk to me babe…

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