Beer refrigeration?

I was recently told that it was BAD to refrigerate beer for a period of time and take it out for any other purpose than drinking. Does removing it from refrigeration cause damage?

In general, food of any sort doesn’t do well to be refrigerated, returned to room temperature, refrigerated again, returned to room temperature again, etc. And beer is food (seriously).

The hard-core microbrew types seem to refrigerate it immediately after bottling and insist that it be kept continuously refrigerated until consumption.

OTOH, the major industrial breweries churn the stuff out by the train load and ship it nationwide at room temp. If folks were getting sick from that, we’d sure have heard about it by now.

I’d suspect that IF the packaging is perfect, then extra heat/cool cylces may degrade flavor a bit, but not safety. But for a smaller microbrew or a homebrew, where the packaging technology might be less than ideal, then you run some risk that each temp cycle increases leakage of air into the bottle, which will eventually trigger spoilage.

Beer spoils by stinking and tasting poorly, not by turning green and fuzzy and making you barf like spoiled meat or eggs will. So spoilt beer may be a waste, but it probably isn’t dangerous to your health.

Finally, mass production beer is such junk anyway that I don’t think you could hurt its mediocrity much by even blatant mishandling.

But a good homebrew or microbrew can loose a lot of its high quality fairly easily. And if your paying a premium price, you may s well make the extra effort to actually have premium taste when you finally open it.

My micros are bought cold, kept cold and drunk cold. AB in cans? Feh! Who cares how you treat it. Swill is swill.

If you’re taking them out of the fridge anyway…could you get me one?

Um… you put beer in your fridge for the specific purpose of not having to worry about these picayune details of life. Bring me one too, while you’re up.

What other purpose would you take it out the fridge for?

I am a homebrewer and typically have 3-4 cases on hand. For parties, etc. I will chill, but my fridge space is critical. I’ll take them out for space. I brew ales and don’t care a great deal whether they are chilled or not. Different taste flavor combinations, both good. For my beer, it is alive and the yeast will work if there is residual sugar. At room temperature, it is active and under fridge it is dormant.