Beer TV Ads

For some reason, it occurred to me yesterday that it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen a beer ad on TV. Granted, I don’t watch much TV, but surely I’d see SOME ads from time to time. I haven’t. IN fact, when that whole “Whasssuppp” thing was going on, I NEVER, to this day, ever actually saw any of the ads.

Have they confined themselves strictly to sports programs now? A friend of mine says he sees them all the time on hocky games.

I just saw a fantastic Coors commercial one or two nights ago. Some song some guys were singing about what they liked. They kept saying “twins” and showing these two hot blondes. Quite amusing.

Hehe, I loved that one.

Yes, but was it during a sports show or a non-sports show?

I dont know where you live, but here in NYC we are bombarded with beer ads across everytype of programming imaginable.

** WB**, just half an hour north of you. And I don’t watch sports, Lego.

Erm … WE. Sowwy!