Bees and baggies full of water?

Okay, here’s what I heard at dinner last night: To keep bees away from outdoor meals, hang baggies of water on the wall. This causes light to reflect oddly, disturbing and confusing bees, which then stay away.

I hardly know where to begin asking questions about this assertion. Your facts are much needed. Thanks.

Well, I do know that Bees see in the ultraviolet spectrum; perhaps the water surface bounces off UV light more efficiently than visible light, making some confusing pulsating mess to the poor bee’s eyes? Or perhaps it messes with their sense of navigation (like light bulbs and moths).


Ask Cecil!

According to SDSAB Doug’s Staff Report, What’s the purpose of bags of water hanging in restaurants?, this technique works on houseflies, but not on any other insects.

That’s the same report I cited - it’s by Doug, not Cecil.