"behind blue eyes" remake

I think it’s Limp Bizkit that has remade this song, and not very remarkably, by my reckoning. I just heard it for the first time on the radio. It’s not terrible, just ordinary.

There is one oddity about it that I hope someone knows about. During the middle of the song, there’s this robotic-sounding voice (kind of sounds like one of those “Speak and Say” toys) saying, “Discover…” and then spelling something that I can’t quite make out, as the letters are a little muffled-sounding. Does anyone know (a) what is being spelled, and (b) the significance of it? I have a feeling this will bother me otherwise.

Thanks in advance.

I believe what is being said is
discover…L-I-M-P…say it…

I really like this song except for that part. In fact, I think that part comes close to ruining the song.

Hmm. That could be it, though it sounds more like “A” than “L” to me. Maybe it’s the “accent” of the computerized voice that fooled me.

And yes, that interlude is odd. The original version is far superior in that regard.

I checked Limp Bizkit’s official site and those are the lyrics they have posted there. It took me a while to figure it out myself. It is a Speak & Spell voice, definitely.

I like the re-make, I think The Who’s is alot better, but I don’t turn off the radio when I hear the Limp Biscuit version. I was worried, because Fred Durst really could have crapped up a really good song, like others do when they re-make a really good song. I don’t really like the spoken word Speak & Spell voice in the song, it’s kind of distracting, to me anyway.

OK, thanks a lot, all. I somehow didn’t hear it this morning (though they seem to play it a lot lately), so the next time I hear it, I’ll check.